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CP: Appearance of Kalamanov to the People

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  • Norbert Strade
    February 1, 2002 Appearance of Kalamanov to the People Vladimir Kalamanov, protector of human rights in Chechnya, made his second “performance” at the
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      February 1, 2002

      Appearance of Kalamanov to the People

      Vladimir Kalamanov, protector of human rights in Chechnya, made his
      second “performance” at the press conference held on January 31 in
      Moscow. This time he appeared before the audience with long-awaited and
      encouraging news. General Procurator’s Office of Russia has brought a
      suit against Russian military men for their criminal actions committed
      during special operations carried out in Arghun and Kurchaloy areas of
      Chechnya, the law-enforcement bodies have reacted to the numerous
      complaints of the inhabitants of Arghun and the villages of Bachi-Yurt
      and Tsotsan-Yurt. Of course, Kalamanov could not promise that further
      crimes would not be committed in Chechnya, but he guaranteed inevitable
      punishment of the guilty.

      It does not matter that no mention was made at the press conference
      about the fact that for two years of his functioning as the
      representative of Russia on human rights protection in Chechnya, the
      Russian authorities unexpectedly have decided to react to the complaints
      of the Chechen citizens, why in Moscow and Strasbourg, or in the
      Northern Caucasus Vladimir Kalamanov in every possible way tried to
      justify the “combing-out” operations, illegal arrests of the Chechens by
      birth, extortions on block-posts, robberies and raids on the Chechen
      villages under the pretence of checking of passports. And for the period
      of military conflict the office of the Russian representative has been
      filled up with the piles of letters and applications containing the
      complaints of local inhabitants. Though, probably, there are no piles of
      such letters, as most likely they were simply burnt. As is generally
      known, people have to pay certain sum of money if they want their
      applications to be accepted and somehow studied. Nothing was said at
      the press conference about the expected punishment of military
      criminals, the more so as official persons of Russia, such as Governor
      of the Ulyanovsk area Shamanov and Minister of Defense Ivanov are
      looking forward to the verdict “not guilty” from Rostov with respect to
      Yury Budanov. As to Kalamanov, just prior to the press conference he
      mentioned in the conversation with the deputy of State Duma of Russian
      Federation Rogozin at the session in Strasbourg that Colonel Budanov
      might have made an insignificant offence in Chechnya. “An insignificant
      offence” is violation and murder of the Chechen girl committed by the
      colonel two years ago, and for two years the court has not been able to
      pass a sentence concerning this case.

      It is doubtful whether Kalamanov does not know what happened on January
      24 in Urus-Martan when the whole family of Mahchaevs was burnt alive in
      their house. According to our data the crime was committed by the
      Russian military men who had been arrested by the Chechen militia on
      January 11 in Shatoy area and convoyed to the Russian command staff in
      Hankala and released on January 23. I can hardly believe that Kalamanov
      did not know anything about the crime in Shatoy area when all six
      passengers of the bus were burnt in the car and the offenders who were
      Russian military men cynically noted that they had killed 90 Chechens in
      Aghun and it does not matter.

      So, while Kalamanov is in Moscow boasting before the journalists about
      bringing an action against the guilty for the crime in Arghun, the
      offenders non-punishedly commit atrocities in the inhabited areas of
      Chechnya. We only have to trust the defenders of human rights and look
      forward to punishment of the guilty, which never takes place.

      M.Mamedov, SIA Chechenpress

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