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    2001-10-27 08:38:01 -- Chechen-Bermudan Triangle The reconstruction of Chechnya follows the old scenario. Yesterday Viktor Khristenko organized a meeting of
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      2001-10-27 08:38:01 -- Chechen-Bermudan Triangle

      The reconstruction of Chechnya follows the old scenario.

      Yesterday Viktor Khristenko organized a meeting of the governmental
      commission on Chechnya. Vice-premier tried to clarify why Chechen
      refugees don't return to the republic and how the program of its
      reconstruction is financed. They found out that people are still
      leaving Chechnya, and that budget money in Chechnya is still being

      Businessmen are perking up at the word "Chechnya": its reconstruction
      is a Klondike of the XXI century. There are legends about enrichment
      of the first restorers of the Chechen economy after 1994-1996 war.
      And it's not surprising that no one could trace 16 billion of
      denominated roubles spent by the federal budget on rebuilding. After
      the second Chechen war of 1998-2000 they have to restore everything
      anew. In 2001 a special program was adopted, in the frames of which
      14,4 billions of roubles were allocated for the reconstruction of
      Chechen economy. 4 billions should have been taken from the federal
      budget. The rest was to be paid by natural monopolists: RAO " EES of
      Russia ", "Gasprom" and MPS.

      As discovered just yesterday in the Ministry of Finance they continue
      to steal in Chechnya. During the meeting the deputy Minister of
      Finance Aleksey Ulukayev has informed the commission about he 53
      millions of roubles spent in the "wrong destination". However Mr.
      Ulukayev didn't indicated whose money were lost - from budget or
      monopolists'. But he noted that program on Chechnya's reconstruction
      is financed very slowly: for nine months of 2001 only 52 % of the
      total sum has been allocated. Therefore the scale of larceny in
      comparison with the first phase of reconstruction is rather modest.

      President's plenipotentiary in the Southern District, Viktor Kazntsev
      has already complained to Viktor Khristerko against the Ministry of
      Energy and natural monopolists: "Minenergo doesn't
      coordinate "Gasprom"s activity – as a result 'ChechenGasInfactsia'
      couldn't get 100 billions of roubles for the work done. Deputy
      plenipotentiary on economy Viktor Krokhmal supported his boss, saying
      that they're still waiting for the promised general plan of Grozniy's
      rebuilding, "…the reconstruction of Grozniy is a problem of all-
      Russian scale, it's more than Lensk or Primorye". He emphasized that
      all reconstruction works are carried out manually. "We should invite
      Serguey Shoygu to enable' Ministry of Emergency during cleanups", -
      Viktor Khristenko advised to Viktor Kazntsev.

      In fact chechens could restore their own economy themselves. However
      the minister on Federal Governments' Cooperation in the solution of
      socio-economic problems of Chechnya, Vladimir Yelagin noted during
      the yesterday's meeting of the commission that " chechens are not
      going to come back even if we shower them with gold ". According to
      him, 60 thousand of Chechen refugees still remain in Ingushetia
      camps. Therefore a part of money for reconstruction of Chechnya
      should be used on repair of refugees' tent camps. The head of
      Chechnya Ahmad Kadirov immediately offered his plan: to pay each
      returning refugee five roubles a day. Viktor Khristenko asked the
      members of commission not to distract and eliminate the discovered

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