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BBC/Georgian TV: Georgian defence chief does not rule out threat to Georgia's stability in autumn

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  • Norbert Strade
    Georgian defence chief does not rule out threat to Georgia s stability in autumn BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; May 31, 2001 [Presenter] Georgian
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2001
      Georgian defence chief does not rule out threat to Georgia's stability in

      BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; May 31, 2001

      [Presenter] Georgian Defence Minister Davit Tevzadze made a sensational
      statement at a news conference held on the sixth day after the incident in
      Mukhrovani. Tevzadze said that an alarming message about the likelihood of
      acts undermining stability in Gali District [Abkhazia] and Pankisi gorge [an
      area adjacent to Chechnya] had appeared in the ministry's intelligence reports
      back in March. As for the 25 May mutiny, Tevzadze said that had the incident
      lasted 24 hours longer, the situation would have become almost unmanageable...

      [Davit Tevzadze, the Georgian defence minister, addressing journalists] In the
      beginning of April, Minister of Internal Affairs Kakha Targamadze sent me a
      letter which said unambiguously that according to information available to his
      ministry's operative service, a very large amount of cash had entered Georgia.
      I cannot answer the questions as to who brought this cash to Georgia, where it
      is being distributed or who has received the money because I obviously have no
      knowledge of it. However, it is evident that something is being prepared and
      the current stability has been threatened. The crisis in Gali was an obvious
      indication of this. I mean the crisis which has just recently been defused.
      Perhaps someone showed goodwill or maybe someone decided to use other ways to
      achieve the goal. I am not sure. Is the issue taken off the agenda? Well, I
      personally think that it is for now. Does it mean that nothing will happen in
      the autumn? No it does not. Because the true destabilization in Georgia will
      prove to be a very interesting phenomenon for everyone. For the West, it will
      be the reason for finally giving up on Georgia, while for others, it will be a
      very good chance to have certain status-quos maintained in Georgia...

      A Russian journalist, Mr [Pavel] Sheremet, was here some time ago. He was
      angry at the president because the latter did not receive him. So, he threw
      this phrase at us - are you not afraid that a general of ours suddenly shows a
      desire to resolve his own national problems here in Pankisi on his own will?
      You know, I may be a naive man but I am not naive enough not to see something
      behind this phrase.

      [Correspondent] The minister finds a link between the incident in Mukhrovani
      with NATO multinational exercises scheduled to be held in Poti in June and
      says the cancellation of the exercises would confine Georgia to complete

      Also today, a statement about the probable destabilization was made by the
      former intelligence chief, MP Irakli Batiashvili.

      [Irakli Batiashvili, MP] Serious work, very serious work, is under way.
      Latent, hidden work is being conducted among different circles of society,
      different groups and different regions, which is aimed at preparing a
      foundation for serious destabilization.

      [Correspondent] The chairman of the Georgian Parliament says that he is not
      aware of any information about the expected attempts to cause destabilization.

      [Zurab Zhvania, the chairman of the Georgian Parliament] No concrete
      information in this respect is available to me at the moment.

      [Correspondent] As for the stand taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs
      with regard to Tevzadze's statement, Minister Kakha Targamadze does not deem
      it necessary to comment on it.

      Source: Georgian Television, Tbilisi, in Georgian 1500 gmt 31 May 01
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