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62398IMPORTANT-technical: Continuing problems with Yahoo addresses

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  • Norbert Strade
    Feb 2, 2013
      Please read!

      Dear all,

      I'm posting this to the main list instead of our technical "reserve" list, because of a major mail delivery problem:

      First, the short version:

      Yahoo is constantly blocking list messages to most of our subscribers with Yahoo mail addresses. This problem is apparently unsolvable. Therefore, constantly blocked subscriber addresses will soon be unsubscribed. If you want to continue receiving list messages via a webmail service, please open an account with another (non-Yahoo) webmail provider and subscribe to the list with your new account.

      Now the details:

      Those who are on the reserve list already know that Yahoo mail addresses have been refusing list mail and got automatically suspended by the system, starting in Sep. 2012. As far as I could see then, the Yahoo mail system was refusing mail distributed via our Yahoo group (!), i.e. in some way Yahoo was blocking itself. There were no problems for subscribers using other mail services.
      Later I've been told by subscribers that Yahoo is blocking specifically messages sent from *my* personal mail account nost@.... Since I'm sending much of the material posted here, this means that most of the messages get blocked for subscribers with Yahoo mail addresses.
      The problem seems to lie in Yahoo's use of some very "smart" fraud checking services. They boast of using 3 of them, and if only one reports some mail authentication problem, Yahoo will block the sender address. As a result, a Yahoo address that is refusing mail from that particular sender will be set to "bouncing" (refusing mail from the Yahoo group) and suspended - i.e. Yahoo won't send any more messages to that subscriber until the address has been manually reactivated by the group moderator. I've been doing this for months now, only to see the same addresses get blocked again and again.
      For the internet-savvy, the problem is labelled "Remote host said: 554 5.7.9 Message not accepted for policy reasons."
      Yahoo's customer service is unresponsive to this circular dilemma. And it's not because there's anything wrong with the authentication of my mails. This is also illustrated by the fact that no other web mail or individual mail providers are blocking messages like Yahoo does.

      **The important part**:

      I've so far unblocked some 60-80 Yahoo subscriber addresses every week, only to see them blocked again shortly after. This takes a lot of time and it can't continue in this way. Therefore, starting from next week, I'll *unsubscribe* every Yahoo address that has been re-blocked 3 times.
      If you are subscribed with a Yahoo mail address and don't receive any list messages, you are probably a victim of the described problem. If you want to receive the list messages via e-mail, the best advice is to *open an account with a different web mail provider*, like Gmail, Hotmail etc. and to subscribe to the list with this new account.
      You can subscribe automatically by sending an empty message to the following address: chechnya-sl-subscribe@yahoogroups.com . You find this link on the list homepage too.
      The list is of course always available on the web at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chechnya-sl/ .

      If you have any questions, please mail me directly - nost@... or chechnya-sl-owner@yahoogroups.com .

      Sorry for the inconvenience,

      Best regards,
      Norbert Strade
      list owner/moderator