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33664Lenta ru: No Chechnya Film Festival in Moscow

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  • mariuslab2002
    Sep 30, 2003
      http://www.lenta.ru/vojna/2003/10/01/fest/ (my quick tr.)

      Cinema center [Kinocenter] refused to carry out the festival of
      documentary films about Chechnya

      Moscow festival of documentary films about Chechnya, which supposed
      to take place in the Cinema Center at Krasnaya Presnya from the
      second to the fourth of October won't take place. This was announced
      by the organizers of festival in their press-release which was sent
      to the editorial staff of Lenta.Ru.

      According to them, the Cinema center's management informed them about
      breaking [by them] of the contract on lease of the [audience] hall to
      watch these films. The organizers assert, that the Cinema Center's
      management already before turned to them with its request to remove
      several movies, which contain criticism addressed at the FSB.

      First of all, this concerns movies: "Terror in Moscow" about the
      terrorist act in Nord-Ost, "[Assassination] attempt on Russia" about
      the explosions of houses in 1999 and "Babitsky's war" about the fate
      of Russian journalist.

      In the interview with "Ekho Moskvy" radio station, one of the
      organizers of this festival, director of the Sakharov Museum Yuri
      Samodurov stated, that in his opinion, the FSB put pressure on the
      management of the Cinema Center.