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15169Re: (FYI) Reuter: War Crimes Court Seen at the Hague by Next Year

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  • Mark!
    Mar 31, 2001
      I agree with Norbert's comments. For the court to have jurisdiction
      over crimes yet to be committed seems to at least partially eliminate
      its raison d'�tre.

      On the other hand, I agree to some extent with the position of the
      United States (which, I'm sure, they will be pleased to hear) that there
      has to be some safeguards built into the system to prevent trumped up
      charges for political purposes and the possibility of the politicization
      of the court itself. One difficulty that I can envisage is the nature
      of the values established by the court; e.g. the court will likely be
      weighted in favor of common law/judeo/christian principles. There are
      other value systems throughout the world over whose adherents the court
      would purport to prevail.

      Thats my $0.02 worth.

      Mark L.

      Norbert Strade wrote:

      > *I don't understand this argument. Does it mean that crimes committed
      > between
      > the current ad-hoc courts on Ruanda and Ex-Yugoslavia and the start of
      > the ICC
      > won't be persecuted? Both the Ruanda and Ex-Y. courts were created
      > *after* most
      > of the crimes had happened (not to mention Nuremberg). So what's the
      > deal here?
      > To save the current Russian leadership from persecution in order to
      > get their
      > support for the ICC in exchange? N.S.

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