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  • David Bradshaw
    Mar 8, 2013
      I don't think I'll make it tonight.  I need a recuperation day from tennis yesterday.

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      I would like to. sign me up

      Kevin W White



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      Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 05:16:36 -0800
      Subject: [charlestonunderwaterhockey] Dragonboat race

      Blockade Runners:

      Warning: non-hockey content below. 

      Anyone want to paddle a Dragonboat with me and Shaw on the Ashley River on May 4? My sister is putting together a 20 person team. We still need some more people.  Her email is below. It will be fun! 


      My favorite event in Charleston is on Saturday, May 4 this year: the Dragonboat Festival!  It's an all-day event, and for a great cause.  I'm looking for firm commitments; $40 per person and only 20 spots available (and at least 8 women have to be on the team).  Spots fill up quick, so let me know if you want to be on my team!  This team is adult-only, but kids are certainly welcome to watch the races and cheer us on!  (No fee for spectators.)  We will take part in 3 races throughout the day.  No experience is necessary.  You just have to attend at least one practice (after business hours) the week before the race.  A boat, a steersperson (instructor), paddles, lifejackets and a 10x10 tent is provided.  We will bring our own beer, food, cornhole set(s), etc.  The team name is "Totally Paddical!"  80s-inspired attire, accessories and even mullet wigs are encouraged but not required.  (Think stonewashed jean shorts, leg warmers, mesh gloves, bandanas, 80s punk hair styles, or whatever 80s totally radical (paddical) stuff you can find. The festival website has more info.:  http://www.charlestondragonboatfestival.com/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=1034873.  Each paddler is asked, but not required, to raise at least $50, and the website makes it super easy for you.  Every dollar paddlers raise (aside from the $40 fee) goes toward Dragonboat Charleston cancer survivor wellness programs.  JOIN HERE:    http://www.charlestondragonboatfestival.com/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=1034873&lis=0&kntae1034873=6B01F4D5C8AA47A1B43C87008C7EE81D&supId=0&team=5398420&cj=Y

      Event Information

      Event Info:
      No experience necessary, we will provide your training!
      Each team should consist of 20 paddlers and 1 drummer. DBC will provide your steersperson, life jackets and paddles. All team members must be at least 14 years of age. Mixed teams must have a MINIMUM of 8 female paddlers. A 10x10 tent will be provided for your team. No tables are provided. Two practice sessions will be provided the two weeks before the festival, beginning April 22. The practice sessions will be scheduled as soon as your team pays its registration fee. You schedule your team's practices by emailing Leslie Kendall at kendallk@.... We encourage all teams to decorate their tent and get decked out in original team t-shirts. Awards will go to best tent d├ęcor and team shirts.

      How does your donation benefit lowcountry cancer survivors?
      On average, it costs individuals $250.00 per person to participate with Dragon Boat Charleston (that does not include travel costs). Our mission is to make sure cancer survivors are able to participate WITHOUT ever paying that cost. Last year, proceeds from the festival paid the expenses of DBC cancer survivors at races throughout the country, paid for nutrition and yoga workshops, the Carolina Celebration Cup; a race just for cancer survivors hosted by DBC and year round paddling 4-5 times per week. It was a great year, because of all the amazing people who support the festival.
      Event Location:
      Brittlebank Park
      off of Lockwood Drive
      Charleston, SC 29403

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