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      25poems25  disability  

       In the bible is speaks of infirmities of the flesh as a reason to drink strong drink in the night for a man that is given to much pain indeed needs a painkilling device. Prayer helps and solitude for eye do not like to bebothered by others when eye hurt. For eye vowed unto the LORD the JESUS GOD the Father Son and Holy Ghost to never drink an alcoholic beverage under sun. SO please do not tell no one that my foot is missing toes my side is full of whole (a reference to the spirit of the Lord.) My head is one sorry pain in tooth the broken that eye am is disability. Eye enjoyed the beer and wine the liquor and the vine distilled so nice in cup of mine the better that eye am now sober is worth the pain for it is written in the bible where it says that it is better now to suffer some than to break my vow to GOD. TO be a footman to the King than King. At least eye do not go a begging in the street but scroung and found fulfills my needs. The Apostle Paul has said Why am eye cursed for doing good things eye work all night for the money to buy my bread and wine and then they say to me OLD SOT, and full of cooking pot. Beware the Leavenworth. The Jaw nerve on the right side not the broken tooth side remains the most pain it was from the first beating not the tooth one. Beware the false doctrine of men that says greed replaces need and profit for the prophets replaces deeds today it was a man too early in my face a street person or a pretender worker he walked into the landscaping and picked up paper as iff he is a gardenor but then he stayed all hours trying to knoe me somehow his words so garbled as to be unintelligible and it made me so angry that eye was telling him to JUST SHUT up before he left anyway and he just kept running it as he walked away eye limp like a cripple eye suffer the pain in my head only a few pills left to give me some relief but eye have JESUS and eye pray and my love is babay ewe and she does love and that is why eye am living one more day in love.

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