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      Three Crosses
       There was JESUS there was the thief did not repent there was the believer. A representation of the whole judgment day thing, a vision of the future of this world. Three men we discover them in this world we have made the millennium no  longer a secret the radiation leaking out of your computer screens in those hidden bunkers tell me colonel what do you eat down there? CharlaX is curious like a monk without a tale he must invent one for sailingÂ…
      The first man Adam was just red clay the whole world given him he lay with Eve and they conceived a lot. For this story the Believer will be classed as AdamMan. The Atheist is the Colonel. The third man will be unconvinced we will call him Thomas and since he is last we shall start with him first. The Athiest is in the middle and the Believer is last. Cross One is the Unconvinced one.
       Cross I.
       Thomas works at a coffee shop where the patrons smoke and read real old beatnik poetry they hammer drums and keep awake only at night in the day they pay hurriedly for coffee and hide in the booth in plain sight to let people see where they are in a vain attempt at an alibi for the night before. Thomas wipes there tables and sashes hang down from the skylight he waxes his poems poetical some when the drum is silent and the bearded one is sleeping and everyone wants a poem to eat with the coffee so bitter in the cup sugar is a  nickel extra they do it to stop the abuse. He always says things out of the side of his mouth like a gangster or a ganger or even sounds like Popeye the sailor "unless eye see some miracles in my personal lifetime" "how shall eye believe in GOD". Thomas heard the earthquake dropped into the ground found the ground was gone fell far away the place of his starting gone. In the middle of the landing place the Thomas Drop Zone there was this most amazing FLOWER all color all at once in a throbbing must have passion he hit hard all crippled up then began to crawl.
       Cross II
       The Colonel was sure the bandits had found the blower outlets the  noise was gone he was frightened then when the air was on there was a loud background noise of whoosh lacca whoosh lacca as the damper was pushed up in the intake the thing was automatic and it was unnerving him not to hear it. "The food is gone they took all the canned meat and sold them the first day for whiskey how shall eye stay at my post eye am starving today" eye still cannot hear the air it's unnerving. Eye still cannot here the air duct whoosh a lacca. "It is driving me insane for eye am sitting at this giant console computor screen just breathing normally (wait my helmut made a click like a gunshot so loud )"oh its MUSICK eye am sorry eye thought the eye was deaf it was the headphones with surround sound on it was a foolery it got me just let me get this Helmut off oh look they put the Colonel bars on Sidewise." The Colonel looked up surprised at the earthquake he barely noticed Thomas as he hit the floor too far away he thought this at once to threaten the FLOWER he jerked the cords out of his survival suit one by painstaking one suddenly his life support was gone it simply shuddered hissed then stopped "the FLOWER" the Colonel cried out once "eye must HAVE the FLOWER." He got down on his knees in his full body armour suit unplugged forever from Human life the Colonel began to crawl.
       Cross III
       AdamMan is red clay. Eye have my gather eye used my hands like a lizard to carry things in my egYpt bag and now my body works to live on one more day of food just one more day at a time of suffering some my love says to me though life is hard it's worth it to hang on for yonder kiss is won. AdamMan stood steadfast upright holy looking at the earthquake he noticed the Thomas one fall and the colors of the FLOWER come up from the hole. All he had time for was to notice the radiation from the Cobalt Bomb Blast for it removed his head the FLOWER come and gone.

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