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  • charlax.hice
    Mar 7, 2010

      thought one
      eye can scoot booger down the highway back to arizona stop
      not the best idea she ever had stop
      i like to make this look like its a telegraphic stop
      I can walk or hitchhike the bike will not make it there stop
      eye i I AI see stop
      arizona is not an option stop
      thought two
      eye can try to stay here ici sneaking past the paintball guarding the building they are making for the tourists stop
      even iff they ignored the white elephant on the lawn they would step over to the fence and shott them paint balls down on topp of mye tarpp stop
      I could start over and make another Bizarro land Colorado place to live dont laught at me I really thought about this one a lot there is nothing wrong with this idea stop
      eye could make a fortress near the reservoir on the topp of the hill and stay in winter all my life stop
      i could like to stay but twold give the lambea heart failure i must rethink this attitude i have of survival is what kept me alive all winter stop
      third thought is best
      GoodCaseScenerio is to leave now Colorado on the buss and wake up Tuesday Mourning in New Mexico to look for a new internet connection this is what the babay lameba wants STOP
      Guess where CharlaX is going now STop.
      Next stop is New Mexico on a GoodCaseScenerio.