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  • charlax.hice
    Nov 13, 2009
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      Eye could wear prescription perscription glasses and look like all the teachers that ewe ever had rolled up in eye.  Eye could kiss you once for every day on the calendar as you roll your eyes and use your colander to make us lunch. Its neither antonym or synonym but adjective inflection call it symellacrom. Local used as person He is a local yokel. Local used as place. He IS local. He is a local in a near locale. He is a locality of one a symellacrom. New word see eh??? Symellacrom. Eye before see and a e eye oh ewe. HAHA what a symellacrom sentence sentance. Y befor e eye los e a lot thy dropp thy plop thy run and hid. Ant Aunt Ante Aunty. Jaunty was mye Aunty til the Ant bit mye Aunty so she upped the Ante thinking Ant bite was a sign an omen of the amen kind. She pulled in the pot. The lot. The table top cried so near naked now. Put back the pot upon mye top the table cried.  It was covered. It was hot. It was a lot. Of pot. On the table top. She drew another ace from the lace top upon her top she tossed her cookies down and ate the lot. Aunty ante cookie for a chip chocolate poker card. You can have some chocolot. A symellacrom is chocolot. Leader of the Presidant President Line Leader Leader of a Troop Leader of the Scout Leader of the Line without. Leader of the class is Teacher of the class is lender of the books to nooks to tabletops pots where Aunty lives with local teacher calendars' and colanders of chocolot. Be glad mye gentile reader ewe did not see mee typing chocopot a symellacrom not.