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  • charlax.hice
    Oct 28, 2009

      The ALein was a Gray face was wizened like a wizzard looks down upon the City needs a leador. He left his space ship and hopped around the barn. He left his Space in pieces not caring iff the ship was ever servicable again. The ALuminus Alloy they were testing was failing to be workable they may decide to use plain old Tungsten Steel Titianium had gotten too Expensive. He was flying in the Asteroid Belted to his Pilot Light was out turned off no heat no sweat a sheen upon his forehead there his Mother came and felt his head she kissed him and then said its almost Halloween. Again she said its the Doctor on the Phone he said you are not really SICK I said how does HE knoe? He says your just faking it a phoney too stay home inn your bed from School your MOther is not taking it. Tommorrow you go back to School again the Alein to learn the Broken RUles at School again. The Alein Reporting in the Asteroid COllided with the ship again Crash landed on a Giant Planet. Atmospheric crushing the Alloy Craft he had been testing the Aluminum is not strong enought to withstand the pressures of a Planet like Jupitor. His head pulled up slowly from the desk. He looked slyly at the Teachor like the Gray ALein Creature. Mye condition is not treatable my insides have been melted and smashed by the beatings from Brother and his Queer friends. I do not think that I will live to be fourteen again. When they sent me to Study hall for Detention there was no Teachor there at all and SO I just went back home and got back in my Bed again. I am a fourteen year old ALein Gray a HUGE Ferrocious Repititious Halloween THING. Who wants to be a little Green Man from Mars. Eye survived the plane Crash Landing my insides like Cotton Candy melted down reformed the Structual Damage very nearly completed in me. Today a woman stared hard at my Boots like she wanted to hang me upside down and PUCK me like a Chicken Feathered thing. Did eye say PUCK not PLUCK because its almost Halloween again. I am Alein Gray again.