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  • charlax.hice
    Oct 21, 2009
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      I really have no time to hit each like and link I would never write the big one done THE prose the stinking rose that wins that boobey prize it flees the time away from eye suppose. I will relate to you the tedium the tandem dressing drink the 2 liter soda shove them booties on and go from store to home iff someone yells at me I yell right back. A little snore a few minutes more sleep then out the door onto the bike to highway hangging on to daylight. I advance down the road toadie on my way to this Lieberry into Glories in this City scaping scrounging Coffee on my way I gather more things than I may ever need to use them. Butt I refuse to be a bare naked CharlAX inn the snow. I may need more dry changes clean to just stay warm this winter I try to do a lot on Facebook but I am sorry for it seams. I also miss a lot to do there and so this is a poem of apopoleptic apology. I simply must now apoligize to all my Facebook Friends again I can not possibly relate to all the things all of you do each and everyday. I try to like the links you post I like to say hello to most I hit some apps return some gifts and poke poke poke. But mostly I wind up stuck in Documents just typing this scritch scratch scatheing creating erasing poem making conniving convincing writer of Prose Poetry attempting Fate. While still relating words of unlearned understanding worm to set before your eyes. This dubious fest try just to imagine a large white plate before you with one item to be eaten there in the Middle of your day suddenly there on your wall or written in his notes or on his wall in a note or photo album is this new CharlaX Poem.