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  • charlax.hice
    Aug 18, 2009
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      The Limosine pulled up to the door and waited and waited some more. The counter person was a thinker and soon walked over to the foyer grabbed the bulky footrug with the rubberbacking to prevent slipping it happened to be Blue a color not condusive to the happening event. The PAtron of the Limo dissembarked at the Driver "It is only a Blue Carpet Greeting ? WHat happened to the Red Carpet Treatment. Then he sat down on the computor screen was dark. He moved the mouse around finally finding the Internet E he clicked on the GLOBE and got the INternet Open. TO his dismay they were using MSN that day as home page. He turned back to the counter person, "I had my driver drive over 500 miles to Colorado just so I can send this email from YAHOO on this COmputor I want my Lady Friend whom lives in A lessor Southern State to see your LOGO on the email letterhead that I just sent? The counter person grinned that patronizing lopsided grin thay have a way of using it for all such strang events. "OH SIR", it does not work that way at all when you open your own email at YAHOO it sends your email with your email address to your friends email address down south, BUT there is no such thing as a COmpany LOGO Address at least not yet. And so Donald Romand Plence left the Best Western Motel in Durango Colorado with much regret to drive back in his LIMO to New York City to the offices of the President Thommas Whirly of the Board of Directors of the Whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater company ZappersunlimitedLTD.org.net.web.dot@... to make a new parent company for INternet Logos. Gentlemen, please, I have called this meeting of this Board of Directors of the Board of Directors of the Whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater company to Decide to INvest in a new way of doing business on the INternet. I am very excited at this new idea and hope it generates this COmpany Bullions of Dollar Signs. (Jjohn Jjones was at this meeting using one of his human disguises) in reality he is the Manhunter From Mars. His ears turned green but no one noticed them or him. "Suppose," this was Plence, " you are a businessman from Chicago, Ill. You want to Impress a Client Empress with the email address where you are staying in a fancy motel place." "SO you go to YAHOO.com type in John JOnes for instance type your password such as redmars open up your internet account." Jjohn Jjones blanched totally a green face spitting out his coffee his undercover compromised on hearing this but again no one even noticed him HE quickly realized it was only a random example PLENCE had used. So intent were all the men on hearing Plence's Oratory remarks and his delivery on this Monday. It was raining outside everyone had the Trademark TrenchCoat and Hat hangging on every available hook on the wall it was why the Manhunter From Mars liked to hang out here in these offices. Plence again. "OK is everyone with me now so far? NOW go to your emails under the compose button open the drop down menu see that Button that says Determine Location??? Click only once left click will do it do not double click or right click." INstantly every LapTop in the room said FROM the Offices of the ZappersunlimitedLTD.org.net.web.dot@... in Bright Red Letters in the body of the Content of the message. This will only work for a COMPANY like let us say Best Western if they agree to pay for our Domain priviledges. Iff we were in a Best Western that has Purchased our Agreement we can send this. But instead of Whirly it will say Best Western on the LOGO in the Letterhead. We just hit the button marked DETECTION. We have the hardware software set available now for sale. Is there any questions.? At the word DETECTION the Urbanite Detective had grabbed his TrencherCoat and Hat mumbled "COFFEE be right back", out the door he went into the Rainy Gloomy MOnday unsure now of his anonymity within this COmpany. On an unrelated matter Plence was warmed suddenly BLurtted out : "GENTLEMEN PLEASE", then in hushed tones; "What are you all talking about and what is that muttering in the background?" Elect a spokesman tell all the group including me. John Jacobson stood up : "OH SIR" We noticed when Jjohn Jjones just left the room he left his coffee cup I took it my mistake his initials are JJ, at this part Plence waived his hand in a kinder gesture of dismissive. "AN honest mistake my goodman, Well what is it tell us spit it out.?" "WEll sir there was too  much sugar in it." "NOT the coffee what is that mummering about?" "OH that. TheTalking Clock. We invented a talking clock. Every five minutes on the dot it says", TICK TOCK TOCK TICK CLOCK I AM THE TALKING CLOCK TOCK TOCK TICK TICK TOCK ZONK. "But we forgot to program it to tell the time.?" NO was all the treasurer of the Zappersunlimited@.ORG said. "NO funding available at all for a clock that does not tell the time he added then an aside" : I wonder who JONES really is ? TO no one in particular.