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  • charlax.hice
    Aug 11, 2009

      In the traffic three times the dark blue Ford slammed past the Red Light the driver was drunk. Driving around in circles to kill someone by accidental death thinking in drunken hazes no one out there watching to see wanted to hit some old woman young girl or dog cat or pet of any kind this man was Drunk driving mad. Angry at the World or just himself. He puked it all out at once like the movie with Linda Blair large amounts of thick green fluid  mocking him rolling off the inside of the windshield to fall harmless into dashboard vents where it stayed to congeal to stink to stench. He paused and swiped his mouth on Black and White Bannana Striped. A Stuffed toy he got at the County fair. Something darted out from between the cars on the side of the Highway 64 hit his door hard then bounced off scaring him into thinking thinking that he had hit someone a little girl or a dog he just kept on driving wishing he could die like other men. The Watcher stood staring down at the final Intersection of the US Highway 64 where a few moments of time would end the time of this small drunken white man driving drunk was gonna die. The Watcher was turning gray. His power waning now his haloe was flickering in the night. He was already losing his Immortality. The Watcher took his fist smashing entirely past the glass killing the Drunk instantaneously. Drive down US 64 to the last Intersection there is a column of stone standing in a little Square of grass the State of Arkansas placed there around the Watcher on every Fortnight in the Month of July near the 24th day of the end of a life You may see the Watcher move up to the Drunken Driver of the dark blue Ford. He stands and stares into the bright red eyes to see the mans soul inside Hell then satisfied He steps back to the grassy stones to stand another year a sentinal of rock solid hate and death decay a Judge of Human flesh and Bones forever living there in this place of Execution for having Killed but not in Hell, at least not like the Drunken Driver will remain forever there to Burn. The Watcher Watches stands and waits. Nothing left to learn.