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  • charlax.hice
    Jul 15, 2009

      There is only Two Tao. Only good only bad. Master who teaches more than one still only teaches one Tao the bad one cause he is wrong. Rabbi who teaches GOD wears the scriptures in a little wooden box on his head to simulate a dead work a dead world a dead man. Too teach the path to GOD is to follow Tao. Too follow Jesus is to follow Tao. The Parodox of GOD is JESUS. Dead and yet still living. Perhaps this is what TAO is all about a living dead man being GOD. Mye own lamb may never understand. A swordsman seldom retires a fighter full of self just dies. Someday a man recovers from his wounds the beatings brings to him a boon but seldom fights again but stays among the living a shadow of himself a Ghost perhaps of GOD. His Tao of GOD his COdeofHonoR. A doubled edge sword delivers n one from death but gives the enemy the blow that takes him to eternity. What then becomes ooof the double minded man with Sword in hand. IS he the GOD or just a man? Forsaking him for Glory a winner in a fight he wears his CodeofHonoR. Justified by deeds by valor and by pride. Even so he may become the Ruler of the Fire. The Joyous VIctory just ashes turned to pain for Judgement come. Soldiers pay the piper some good some bad some cowards. Who has his CodeofHonoR. For he has stood and faced his enemies swordless friendless no Coward running no Swordsman fighting just JESUS standing there wearing only his Patriots CodeofHonoR.