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Re: [charlesives] RE: Adams 4th/Ligeti

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  • Scott Mortensen
    ... Frankie, Yes, Ligeti is something isn t he?!?! I tracked down the Aimard Etudes CD some time ago--based on Anne Ozorio s recommendation, if I remember
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 12, 2004
      Frankie wrote:
      >On another topic........Gyorgy Ligeti. I am neck-deep in a Ligeti kick this
      >past week and a half or so. I have always regarded Ligeti as one of my
      >favorite composers, but after the all of the listening that I have done
      >past week, he has rightfully *earned* that status. From the micropolyphonic
      >orchestral works, to the incredibly gorgeous solo piano etudes, to the
      >shimmering acapella vocal stuff, there is so much beauty, anger, and
      >to experience through his music. I have just placed an order to the receive
      >the last of the Ligeti Project installments (V) which are totally
      >indespensible IMO. Also, the Ligeti Editons on Sony are just as amazing,
      >especially volume 3 with Aimard performing the Etudes (Book I and II) and
      >Musica Ricercata.
      >Reading about what a struggle it was to have his works performed reminded
      >me of Ives. Although under completely different circumstances, socio vs.
      >political agendas, it amazes me that both of these guys have persevered and
      >left us with a treasure chest of invaluable wealth. Talk about
      >If anybody needs some recommendations on Ligeti, please just ask and I will
      >try my best to assist. Any fans here?

      Yes, Ligeti is something isn't he?!?! I tracked down the Aimard Etudes CD
      some time ago--based on Anne Ozorio's recommendation, if I remember
      correctly. (Thanks, Anne! ;-) Great stuff! I've been meaning to dig a
      bit deeper...

      Much further afield from Ives: Lately, I've been listening CONSTANTLY to
      recordings by jazz vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson. Anyone familiar with him?
      Amazing! ;-)

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