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Re: Thanksgiving

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  • Bob Zeidler
    Frankie, thanks for enjoying my review of What Charlie Heard. My wife and I have no children, but I couldn t *not* get the book when Jan Swafford praised it
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 25, 2004
      Frankie, thanks for enjoying my review of "What Charlie Heard."
      My wife and I have no children, but I couldn't *not* get the book
      when Jan Swafford praised it to the skys to me this summer. And
      yes, we really *did* name our newest cat Charlie, after CEI. This
      may sound too good to be true, but when we brought him home
      from the animal shelter at age six months, as he started getting
      his sea legs in his new environment, he tried (but failed) to jump
      up onto my bookcase, holding LPs in the base cabinet and CDs
      in the shelves. He wanted to land on the base cabinet right in the
      middle of the Ives CDs. Believe it or not. :-)

      A Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it. And, yes, *do*
      schedule the "Holidays" Symphony for playing today.



      --- In charlesives@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Camiola"
      <fcamiola@h...> wrote:
      > Since I will be away from my computer on Thanksgiving, I just
      wanted to wish all our American friends a Pre-Happy
      Thanksgiving wish. Also, don't forget to give "Thanksgiving" from
      the Holidays a spin on Thursday if you get the chance. I still feel
      that that particular piece sits near the top of the entire oeuvre of
      CEI for me. It never fails to give me the chills when the choir
      enters near the last section. A brilliant masterpiece.
      > PS - The Concord(s) (Aimard's and Mayer's) have not left my
      CD player for a few days now - what a great thing it is! There are
      many comparisons to keep one busy!
      > PSS - I just received "What Charlie Heard" in the mail from
      Amazon today. Bob Z had a wonderful review there (thanks Bob),
      so I had to pick it up......and you can be assured that it will be
      read to our expectant daughter as soon as she is born this
      coming December. The book is wonderful and will become a
      treasure for my family and I in the coming years. If you don't have
      it, kids or not, you ought to pick it up.
      > Frankie
      > "Beauty in music is too often confused with something that lets
      the ear lie back in an easy chair." Charles Ives
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