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Re: [charlesives] Piano sonatas - Eckhardt

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  • anthony cole
    Dear David - Baekkelund s Concord is on Polygram Records, Oslo - Polydor 825697-1 I have the LP of the Hadassah Sahr performance (didn t cost me anything like
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 13, 2008
      Dear David - Baekkelund's Concord is on Polygram Records, Oslo - Polydor
      I have the LP of the Hadassah Sahr performance (didn't cost me anything like
      $100...and it's signed by her!) - Daan Vanderwalle very kindly said he'd
      send me a copy of his recording (but never did....), and it is now offered
      on Amazon at over £100......

      Out of interest here is a list of "my" Concords..................I have the
      recordings of:-
      Aimard, Andres, Baekellund, Bartschi, Bessette, Blackwood, Coleman,
      Deutsch, Eckhardt, Gorisek, Gottlieb, Hamelin 1 & 2, Henck, Jensen,
      Kalish, Kirkpatrick 1 & 2, Kontarsky, Longobardi, Lubimov, Lumsden,
      McDonald, Mandel, Mayer, Mead, Mikhashoff, Morozzi, Plaunt, Reinelt,
      Sahr, Salo, Shannon, Szidon

      I did not know that Zumbro had recorded Concord........though I remember
      hearing him play it live (at I think the US Embassy in London) back in the

      Apart from this and the Vanderwalle, I do not have: Ramadori, Trythall or
      Pappastavrou (though I used to have the LP of the latter, but it seems to
      have disappeared during one or other of my several trans-continental moves..
      ......) I also remember hearing George P play the work live at the Wigmore
      Hall in the '60s - as did Jeanne Behrend (whom I also heard), and, later,
      Nina Deutsch. Another very great pianist who played both the sonatas in UK
      in the '70s was Yonty Solomon & this was at a time when he was one of the
      few given permission by the eccentric composer Sorabji to play his
      extraordinary music............

      As I have remarked before: you can't have enough Concords..................
      .. Tony

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      From: David O'Dette
      Date: 07/13/08 13:36:06
      To: charlesives@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [charlesives] Piano sonatas - Eckhardt

      What are the label and catalog number of the Baekkelund performance? I'm
      also looking for Concords by Roberto Ramadori, Nicholas Zumbro and Hadassah
      Sahr. I have label/number info for these but haven't found them except a
      copy of the Sahr for which I was unwilling to pay $100.

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      From: tony cole
      To: charlesives@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, July 13, 2008 5:40 AM
      Subject: [charlesives] Piano sonatas - Eckhardt

      Have just had an enjoyable week listening and re-listening to Rene Eckhardt
      s '92/'93 CD of both sonatas.........They are both really good IMHO, the
      first swings just enough and now becomes my second choice after Macgregor
      (but I find little to choose); the Concord doesn't hang about (at 40:35 one
      of the quickest with movement timings closest to Kirkpatrick2 and Gottlieb)
      - he has phenomenal technique and is above all mercurial throughout. I read
      in the insert that he was the pianist chosen for the 4th Symphony when the
      Royal Concertebouw first performed it, and no wonder. These readings
      available on Vanguard Classic Rembrandt Series - number 99059. Tony
      PS: I also recently picked up another interesting Concord LP - Kjell
      Baekellund from 1985 - again a gifted pianist, but a slower performance
      overall (Alcotts = 7.44!!) - but affectingly played nonetheless - not
      dissimilar from Tom Plaunt's of the same vintage.

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