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Re: [charlesives] Boulez conducts Ives?

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  • Anne Ozorio
    On 24 May 2008 at 10:32, Frank Camiola wrote: I have sort of answered a lot of my questions upon finding this ... Thanks loads for this Frankie, it s great
    Message 1 of 7 , May 24, 2008
      On 24 May 2008 at 10:32, Frank Camiola wrote:

      I have sort of answered a lot of my questions upon finding this
      > Boulez interview from August, 2000.

      Thanks loads for this Frankie, it's great stuff ! It shows the value
      of asking questions ! Boulez talks in extremes, like a poet, so
      whnat he says is supoosed to provoke. That's perhaps why he was
      hated so passionately in his youth, exceept by people who really knew
      him. And he responded by being even more polemical ! He was an
      enfant terrible, the scourge of the establishment etc etc. Remember
      how he was in trouble after 9;/11 when someone reported his comment
      made years before about "burning down opera houses".?

      Recently I've been thinking a lot about the music scene in 1940's and
      50's Paris. Gosh it was insular ! Nadia Boulanger ruled with a fist
      of iron veiled in old lady satin. She worshipped early Stravinsky and
      her musical vision ended round 1930 (grin). What did she think, then
      of the circle around Messiaen ? She dropped Yvonne Loriod as soon as
      Loriod took up with Messiaen. The absence of any direct comment on
      Messiaen speaks volumes, even though there is no way she would not
      have known his music. And who was Messiaen's surrogate son ? Pierre
      Boulez, who stood for everything Boulanger hated. Boulez used to go
      round routinely knocking the establishment etc etc (even though he
      worshipped Stravinsky). Horror of horrors, he was even rude to his
      supporters ! He upset even the saintly Messiaen though they soon
      made up. It seems a bit like oedipal complex in action when you rebel
      to become yourself. But to a lot of people, being a rebel is like
      being in league with the devil. It would have driven Boulanger nuts
      since she believed in keeping up appearances, being nice to the rich,
      knowing one's "place", obeying order. Boulez must have made her gag.
      Since Boulanger was extraordinarily influential among English
      speaking students, musicians and writers, her views would have had
      enduring impact. So we get Bernstein, and others, hostile to
      Messiaen, Boulez and what they stood for. So when Boulez comes to
      the US with his radical views, there's a whole lot of folks pre
      conditioned not to like him.

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