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Re: [charlesives] Hauschild's recording of the Holidays Symphony

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  • anthony cole
    On your recommendation, Scott, I ordered this and it duly plopped through the mail-box the other day. I entirely agree with your comments, and particularly
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 3, 2006
      On your recommendation, Scott, I ordered this and it duly plopped through the mail-box the other day. I entirely agree with your comments, and particularly about TGorFFsDay......I found this an absolutely riveting 15 min. or so (and let me here admit that there have been times, when listening to other performances of this piece, that I've been guilty of nodding off at about the 5 minute mark......Yes, I know, sackcloth-and-ashes for a while [well, it's just past Ash Wednesday, isn't it]). Certainly a worthy addition to anyone's collection, I think. Tony
      ps: I was going to do another posting about Gorisek's Concord, but perhaps I can quickly reflect my experience last week when I listened first to Kontarsky (the speed-merchant, and the very first recording of Concord I ever owned [purchased Paris 1967] - and a reading I still like very much) and then straight afterwards to Bojan Gorisek's very lengthy perusal. Well, in a nutshell, although I don't like to think that there are folks out there who only know the sonata in BG's performance (perhaps some Slovenians?), and despite its great length, I found myself quite gripped - especially in Thoreau (and how the poor flautist managed to make her breath last to slow down to Gorisek's pace I just don't know). Perhaps it's the measure of a truly GREAT piece of music that it can be revealed in such different ways and shine through nonetheless.
      pps: I think B. Gorisek is worth investigating in other music too - perhaps you know that he has committed all of Satie's piano music (inc. songs) to disc - to rave reviews I hear.
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      From: Scott Mortensen
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      Subject: [charlesives] Hauschild's recording of the Holidays Symphony

      I (carefully) listened to this recording for the first time on the way
      to work this morning. I didn't have especially high expectations, but
      I've got to say: It knocked me flat! At first, I thought Hauschild's
      reading might be too tentative, focusing on the trees but losing the
      forest. In general, his tempos seemed to be on the slow side. But, as
      the performance progressed, I grew more and more wrapped up in it.
      Hauschild isn't as easy-going and natural sounding as Ormandy.
      However, he illuminates all sorts of layers and detail that I've never
      heard so distinctly--without at all being "cold" (like von Dohnanyi can
      sometimes be, IMHO). When "T-giving and Forefathers' Day" rolled round
      (which for me is the real yard-stick of a GREAT performance of this
      work), I felt that wonderful Ivesian parting of the heavens, that great
      leap UP! It actually choked me up when the chorus launches at the end.

      A good way to start any day, eh?

      Anyone else heard this recording? What are your impressions of it?


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