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120RE: Free Online Permaculture Design Course - BIG News

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  • Vladislav Davidzon
    Feb 6, 2013
      Hello friends,

      We want to invite you to literally change the world. We
      are making the 72-hour permaculture design course available online
      completely without charge (this is normally $2000+ course!) and we
      need your support. Make no mistake - what we are about to do is
      absolutely unprecedented.

      Read more @ http://indiegogo.com/online-permaculture -- support
      the production of the free online course and get awesome perks,
      like the full 72 hour+ program on DVD, e-books and more!

      HUGE NEWS UPDATE: We have been given access to over a thousand
      hours of raw footage on sustainable community, including really
      powerful interviews. We would love to edit some of that footage
      and include it as part of the course, but we need to raise at
      least another $8,000 to do that effectively -- for every hour of
      footage, we need to spend several hours editing and producing.
      Will you help get to the stretch goal and make that possible?
      More details @ http://indiegogo.com/online-permaculture

      We have already began editing the first fifty hours of our archived
      footage of the course lectures (which includes some REALLY famous
      and amazing instructors - more on that soon) and expect to be able
      to launch the program fairly quickly, as we're making very steady

      Permaculture is literally changing the world, and we're doing our
      part to dramatically accelerate that change by making this
      incredible wisdom available completely free -- but we need your
      support, and we've got some amazing perks (including the full
      course on DVD!) to thank you!

      Check out the awesome couple minute video we put together
      explaining permaculture and how it can literally solve some of our
      greatest social and environmental challenges (and the campaign
      itself) @ http://indiegogo.com/online-permaculture

      If you want to see the permaculture course being made available
      online, please support the campaign by pledging, but even more
      importantly by sharing the link on Facebook, twitter and e-mail.

      More details about the campaign (and the awesome video!) are at

      Please pledge and please share this widely. We're just four days
      into the campaign and already a third of the way there! Help
      hit this one out of the ballpark, and let's change the world!

      Sincerely yours,


      Vladislav Davidzon, Founder and CEO
      Regenerative Leadership Institute
      The Nation's Sustainable Living, Leadership and Permaculture School
      www.permaculturedesigntraining.com // 1-800-376-3775
      14525 SW Millikan Way, Suite 17760, Beaverton, OR 97005

      Join the nearly 50,000 people following and loving
      us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/regenerativeleader