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2394Russian Loch Ness?

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  • spooky_sr
    Jul 20 3:37 PM

      I read the story you had on Facebook about the huge creatures at Lakes Labynkyr and Vorota. From all of the  vivid eyewitness descriptions (from lay people and scientists) of the creature at these remote lakes, it sounds like they are dealing with Predator X like at Lake Okanagan BC Canada. That would now be called Pliosaurus Funkei. They could have somehow survived mass extinction and the last ice age when waters where at deluge stage, When water levels dropped they could have become trapped in northern latitude land locked lakes, With fish stocks high and a mating population they could have survived.

      And now that the recently found labile skin samples of T-Rex and Hadrosaurs have been dated to THOUSANDS of years versus multi-MILLIONS of years, it's pretty much academic that the geological column dating system method for dinosaur fossils is just too faulty to trust now.

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