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2393Remote Control Drone warning

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  • spooky_sr
    Jul 20, 2014


      Please be advised that you have a private airport about 1-mile north of Button Bay (GPS Coordinates: N44°11.75' / W73°20.97'). It is called BASIN HARBOR AIRPORT and it is part of the club there. It's well over the 1/4 mile proximity the FAA puts on drones. And you will not be flying over 400 feet up. If you need to monitor there airport operations get a radio capable of monitoring 122.800 MHz There are at least 42 flights a week there mostly gliders.

      Also did you know you could rent a stationary tethered blimp to monitor the lake from above like a geostationary satellite 24 x 7? You could install a PZT (pan zoom tilt) camera with a wire line to the ground station. Same restrictions on it as the drone.

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