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2390Affolter and Bodette Video

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  • spooky_sr
    Jul 19, 2014


      What if you and the Brightyellow team had a copy of the famous July 11, 2005 video (and stills) of Champ hovering off the port side of Dick Affolter's 21-foot Bayliner named "Trophy"? Peter Bodette has it on his PC labeled as "Pete's Serpent". They filmed it Monday afternoon back then near the mouth of the Ausable River while Salmon fishing.

      Pete is a HVAC Salesman now and Dick is a retired Attorney (but still dabbles as the senior member of his firm). They both say Champ has the head of a crocodilian and a body to match. Except it has a long neck like a serpent. They once loaned the video to two retired FBI guys to analyze. They allowed ABC News (GMA) have only snippets. Bill D. may even know the 2 FBI guys - one was named Gerald Richards.

      What if the Brightyellow team could get a full unedited copy? That video could be used to observe creature's underwater movement and mannerisms. Also allow you to get a better view of it than those quick snippets from ABC News.

      I don't know why Pete and Dick have been so silent lately. It's kind of a mystery to me. Almost as mysterious as why Dennis Hall went MIA too for a long time too. But if I email you their contact information at their respective companies would you guys be interested in proposing to them to allow you to add these videos to your arsenal of tools? Just imagine how useful it would be. Also you guys are non-profit and they might welcome donating it to science.

      Now if I send you the contact details it would be a "cold call" on your part. I have no connection with them nor have a proposed this idea to them. They do not know me.

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