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2385Re: [champ-trackers] Setting the Record Straight - Champ Trackers Group

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  • spooky_sr
    Jul 18, 2014
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      I agree too.

      However, I did not mean to imply that you don't like Dennis. I only don't agree with your assessment of his knowledge of the cryptids in Lake Champlain. I also do not feel Dennis nor Liz can be characterized as "over enthusiastic". I will agree they are both "driven" but that's what is the appeal to me about both of them. Their collective zeal to me appears to be balanced and well thought out. They appear genuine to me. That's what attracts me to people like Scott too.

      They all seem to know what they are talking about. When they speak (or type) I sit enthralled with what they have to say. Yes I may be critical of people at times but I try to balance that critique to avoid from sounding insulting or acerbic. For instance: lately I can not continue to accept Dennis' contention that the creatures are Tanystropheus in light of all of the quasi-forensic evidence that is available on them lately. I'm sure Brightyellow's forthcoming investigations will reveal what type of mysterious creatures we are really dealing with at Lake Champlain.

      I assure you whatever they come up with may in fact be an "inconvenient truth" for some modern paleontologists today. I foresee an uncomfortable sea-change in the present axiomatic theories.

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