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2288RE: RE: RE: AAI sighting Nov 21 - Westport Marina

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  • dickraynor
    Nov 27, 2013

      Oh, and ask them if they would kindly clean the window :-) 

      ---In champ-trackers@yahoogroups.com, <chuckpogan@...> wrote:

      Hi Dick,
         Glad I could do it. I was excited to have captured the images. It seems like this time of year there is this kind of activity, humps that come and go, with these tight line like clusters cruising around. Whatever it, or they are, originate from under-water.
      I have several other frames of the lines appearing on different days, sometimes 12 humps evenly spaced, pop up together and then disappear all at once.
         The reasons I've ruled out birds is that in no image do I see a bird flying around, and the fact that humps will disappear and NOT reappear as described from Loch Ness many times (Gould, Burton), and the tight line formation that goes unbroken while it swims around.
      I watched dozens of videos of aquatic waterfowl and could not find anything that seemed close to the way this looks and acts. Anybody knows of a convincing film or clip please

      feel free to point me towards it. 
        The dock cam is low quality. I have the uncompressed, un-contrasted 5 megapixel
      captures if you want me to send you any of the frames. 
         I enjoy your website and your attitude towards this phenom. Your friend Holiday was asking the right questions too. His books are getting very hard to find these days for some reason.  

                 Best , Chuck P.

      ---In champ-trackers@yahoogroups.com, <DR@...> wrote:

      Thanks for sharing these photos. It's unfortunate that your pictures seem to have compression jpeg artefacts making recognition difficult. Can you rule out geese or swans, and if so, how? 

      ---In champ-trackers@yahoogroups.com, <chuckpogan@...> wrote:

      Hi Trackers,
        Sequence of pictures from the Westport cams early evening Nov 21st.
      Large mass appears off the end of the dock est. 400 feet distance.
      Over the next 10 minutes object wanders up to the marina buoy which
      it seems to avoid swimming past (or through).
         When the entire line turns around in frames 34-40, it's reminiscent of

      the diagram of the string of humps seen on Loch Ness that Rupert T.Gould

      presented in his classic 1934 book "The Loch Ness Monster." See Frame 56.
      Estimated size again around 40 feet long.
      Use the magnifying glass app. on the bottom of the page to get a close up

      view of any of the frames.
        Be seeing you, CP


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