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CGGS October Newsletter

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  • Marilyn and Rob Lear
    Hi! Our next meeting will be Sunday, November 13th at 2:00 at the St. Simons Firestation Meeting Room. Our topic will be Visiting A Genealogy Library with a
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      Our next meeting will be Sunday, November 13th at 2:00 at the St. Simons Firestation Meeting Room.  Our topic will be "Visiting A Genealogy Library" with a speaker from the Huxford-Spear Genealogy Library in Homerville.  They have recently added thousands of new books and other materials from Elmer Spear's extensive collection. 
      Our September meeting proved interesting.  We found out that surnames evolved over time, especially during the period 1000 to 1500 A.D.  The main sources were:
      1. Patronymic--came from the name of the father such as John Williamson or James Edwards.
      2. Location or land feature--name came from the village where the person lived or a feature nearby.  Examples: Thomas Warwick, Robert Hightower or John Ford.
      3. Occupation--many Smiths may be due to the importance of the blacksmith craft as weapons and armor were needed for battles, etc.  Clark came from Clerk as every manor house had one to keep records.  Scarlett was a dyer or seller of bright cloth, Collier was a seller of coal, Fletcher was an arrowmaker.
      4. Nickname or appearance--Examples: Smart, Swift, Red, White, Longfellow, and Keen.
      5. Nature--Examples: Nightingale, Jay.
      Spelling of surnames was not consistent until recent times and some last names were changed at the time of immigration.  This information came from the book English Surnames which can be checked out at the Brunswick Library.  Other surname resources are in the Heritage Room and on-line such as www.surnames.behindthename.com/nmc/eng.php.
      DUES are now payable unless you have joined our group since March.  Please make your check out to CGGS and mail to treasurer Barbara Baethke, 119 Bay Berry Circle, St. Simons, 31522 or bring to the November meeting.  They are a very reasonable $10 for one person, $15 for a couple.  We have expenses for speakers, meeting room, and projects such as book purchases.  Thanks!!
      Ancestry is making 15 different "collections" available FREE from October 1-15th.  One is added each day and all are available from that date until October 15th.  Learn more at http://blogs.ancestry.com/uk/2011/09/30/15-free-collections/
      We will pick two dates to visit St. Mary's Cemetery for a guided tour and let the members decide which is best.  More on this subject later.
      Good luck hunting for ancestor and/or cousins!!
      Marilyn Lear, President
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