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  • Marilyn and Rob Lear
    COASTAL GEORGIA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY (CGGS) MEETINGS Have you ever been puzzled by a hand written document? Don t miss our next meeting on Sunday, 14
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      Have you ever been puzzled by a hand written document?  Don’t miss our next meeting on Sunday, 14 September, at 2:00 p.m. at the Brunswick-Glynn County Library, 208 Gloucester Street.  The program will be a presentation on deciphering and interpreting old handwriting by Sabina Murray from Jacksonville.  She is an experienced genealogist and lecturer who has grappled with the problems old handwriting can present.  You never know when you might need this skill!


      This will be our Annual Meeting with the election of officers.  The office of Secretary is presently vacant due to the resignation of Dot Fowler.  In addition, the proposed Bylaws may be approved.  See below.  Please attend.  Refreshments and interesting conversation will follow.


      The proposed Bylaws are attached to this Newsletter.  Please review the proposal and let me have your comments and suggestions.


      Please mark your calendar for the last meeting of 2008 on Sunday, 9 November 2008, at 2:00 p.m. at the Brunswick-Glynn County Library.


      The Show and Tell at the July meeting was particularly interesting.  Engaging stories and special documents kept the participants’ attention.  We were treated to the diary of a sea captain plying his trade on the Atlantic Coast.  The afternoon created lasting memories for all.


      Remember, the Society will meet every other month – January, March, May, July, September, and November – usually on the second Sunday of the month.  Mark your calendars.




      This time we are going to Homerville!  The Huxford Genealogical Society Library collection will be available to us on Thursday, 25 September 2008.  We plan to leave at 8:00 that morning.   the library is the home of Huxford’s Wiregrass Pioneers collection.  Sign up now or at the September meeting.  www.huxford.com


      Plans for future trips include an outing to a nearby library in early December and an over-night outing in 2009.  Where do YOU want to go to research???







      Society members will resume providing help at the Brunswick Library on Saturday mornings this fall.  It is for beginners and experienced researchers alike.  Maybe you have a “brick wall” with which you could use help.  Members will be available on the following Saturdays:  20 September, 11 October, 1 and 22 November, and 13 December, from 9:30 to 12:00.


      Both Ancestry Library Edition and HeritageQuest Online are available in the special collections room to broaden the scope of the search…very powerful.



      We need HELPERS!!!  To prepare, we will have an orientation session on Saturday, 11 October 2008 from 9:30 to 12:00.  Come and get to know the resources in the Special Collections Room.  Volunteer to assist at the library by contacting Rob Lear at 912-265-5916 or BackRiver@....



      SOCIETY YEAR: Our fiscal year is 1 October through 30 September.  Membership dues will be payable during the first sixty days of our fiscal year :

      Single $10, Couple $15, Sustaining $20.


      Funds are needed to keep our group moving ahead.  Is there a book you think we should purchase for one of our local libraries???  Make a suggestion.


      Opportunities Ahead:

      BRUNSWICK LIBRARY  As you know, the Brunswick Library has provided the Meeting Room for Society meetings in thanks for the efforts of the members at both the Brunswick and Saint Simons Island Libraries.  The next big job will be labeling and placing security strips in books and periodicals.  Watch for specific announcement of opportunities to assist.  We can have fun while helping!


      SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP for Family Tree Maker  The first SIG is getting going with seven members.  Plan to meet in September to get started.  We can all benefit if we share what we know. [or what we don’t know!]



      We can report that this very large project is almost done.  More than 3,000 books and periodicals were brought out of storage, assessed and shelved!  Most periodicals will be offered to the Brunswick library or other location.  A HUGE THANKS to all of those who helped.  Some were members of the DAR and SAR, also.  Check this collection at St. Simons Library.  The holdings for Maryland, Virginia and Georgia are especially strong.



      The Coastal Georgia Genealogical Society has had a super year resuming regularly scheduled activities.  The continuation of the Society is squarely in your hands.  Get involved!  We now have forty active members.  You could be the next new member!  More than 120 folks interested in CGGS receive information from us as members, prospective members, and courtesy communications.


      To plan, the Directors will meet on Thursday, 4 September 2008 at 10:00 a.m. in the rear dining room of Sweet Mama’s on Frederica Road, Saint Simons.  Everyone who is interested – members and others – is urged to attend.  We also need your suggestions for programs.


      Internet Time

      Are you doing some Internet research during the long, hot days of summer?  Here are some web sites that might interest you:

      www.loc.gov/chroniclingamerica/      Historic American Newspapers

      This is a website from the Library of Congress.  It has a search engine for some newspapers from the years: 1900 to 1910 from the following states: California, District of Columbia, Florida, Kentucky, New York, Utah, and Virginia.  It's free too!  More years will be added in the future.


      www.phmc.state.pa.us/bah/dam/landrec.htm       Scanned Land Records

      The Pennsylvania Archives has added some remarkable free online resources to the already-available Warrant Registers.  These pages include instructions on how to search the records, and abbreviated history behind the early process of recording the land transactions.


      www.lost-colony.com  Is your family part of the Roanoke Lost Colony?  Roberta Estes ,the Director for DNA Research for the Lost Colony Center for Science and Research, says their goal is to discover the fate of the Roanoke Lost Colonists.  Go to this site for more details.


      www.footnote.com   Original documents on-line

      Indexes and searches are free, but memberships are for sale.  This site is a partnership with the National Archives begun in January 2007.  According to the site, all the information will be available for free in 2012.


      http://nabbhistory.salisbury.edu/      Eastern Shore Genealogy and history

      This site has lots of resources for those researching Delaware plus the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia.  [Many Georgia families had roots in this area, including the Gordys.]


      http://midatlantic.rootsweb.ancestry.com/         Middle Atlantic states resource

      By their definition, this region includes the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and the District of Columbia.  [Also has some interesting links.]


      www.usgwarchives.org   Information on every state and the District of Columbia

      This site is hosted by the US GenWeb, committed to free information, not to be copied for profit

      What are your favorite research sites?

      DEATH OF JIM WROTON.  We were all saddened by the death of one of our very special members, who had served as President and newsletter editor.  We voted at the July meeting to purchase books in memory of both Jim and wife Frances.  We need suggestions as to which books.  We have asked their daughter Jane for assistance.  Please give us your ideas.



      The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society recently gave 75,000 volumes, 30,000 manuscripts, and 22,000 reels of microfilm to enhance the already extensive genealogical collection of the New York Public Library, “one of the world’s largest and most accessible genealogical libraries.  Combining the two collections will result in an extraordinary resource for people nationwide seeking to learn about family members who were born in New York, lived in New York or passed through New York on the way to becoming citizens.”


      Last year, the New York Public Library’s Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy recorded 56,000 visitors and 1,200 mail inquires. [From the New York Times of Sunday, 20 July 2008  Also see www.nypl.org]


      Officers and Directors


      Rob Lear, President                      912-265-5916            BackRiver@...

      Bill Ramsaur, Vice President            912-634-1293            WFRamsaur@...

      Secretary --vacant.

      Barbara Baethke, Treasurer            912-638-6496

      Bill Smith, Immediate Past President and Publicity Committee Chairperson

      Marilyn Lear, Program Committee Chairperson

      Mary Jane Gamble and Betty Griner, Hospitality Committee Chairpersons

      Jennifer Irion, Research Projects of Members Committee Chairperson

      Susan and Charles Bagwell, Information Technology Committee Chairpersons


      Opportunities exist to chair the following committees:

      Communications– Providing information to members including the newsletter

      Education and Assistance – Facilitating classes, workshops, seminars, and field trips and to provide for research assistance

      History– Creating a record of the achievements of the Society

      Planning – Examining the future needs of the Society


      YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALL!  Help with the part which excites you.   Sounds like too much?  Consider taking on one specific task!


      Please volunteer by contacting Rob Lear at 912-265-5916 or BackRiver@....


      Attachment:            Proposed Bylaws of 2008 (to members only by US Postal Service)











      ARTICLE I.                             DEFINITIONS


      Section 1.            When used in these bylaws, these words and terms shall be defined as follows:


      A.            “Society” shall mean the Coastal Georgia Genealogical Society


      B.         “Officers” shall mean the President, the First Vice President, the Second Vice President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer


      C.         “Board of Directors” shall mean collectively the Officers, Immediate Past President, and Chairpersons of the Standing Committees


      D.            “Director” shall mean a member of the Board of Directors


      E.         “Chairperson” shall mean the presiding officer of the Board of Directors or of a committee


      F.         “committee” shall mean either a Standing Committee or an ad hoc committee


      G.         “Standing Committee” shall mean a committee in continuous operation


      H.        “genealogy” shall mean broadly and collectively the fields of genealogy, family history, biographical history, and associated fields


      I.          “Annual Meeting” shall mean the meeting of the Society at which the Officers are elected to serve until the next Annual Meeting


      J.          “Charter Member” shall mean all members who joined through the end of the first fiscal year of the Society (through 30 September 1991)


      Section 2.          All the above words and terms may be used in singular or plural form as appropriate for the context.


      ARTICLE II.                        OBJECTIVES


      Section 1.            The objectives of the Society shall be as follows:


      A.        To bring together persons interested in genealogy for mutual benefit and enjoyment.


      B.         To promote, encourage, and support


      1. The active interest in the field of genealogy,


      2. The compilation of accurate and complete genealogies and family histories,


      3. The location, identification, and preservation of genealogical and historical records and publications,



      4. The maintenance of accessibility to the public of genealogical and historical records and publications, and


      5. The perpetuation of family pride and unity.


      C.         To educate members and the general public in genealogy and in their access to and use of research facilities and records repositories through classes, lectures, forums, workshops, and field trips.


      D.        To cooperate with and to support record depositories and other organizations with similar goals and interests.


      E.                 To disseminate information on research techniques and procedures, special collections, original records, genealogical and historical publications, and news pertinent to genealogy.


      F.                  To maintain and to add to the membership of the Society.



      ARTICLE III.                        MEMBERSHIP


      Section 1.          Individual membership shall be open to all persons who are eighteen years of age and older and who are willing to further the objectives of the Society.


      Section 2.          Institutional membership shall be open to any entity, other than an individual, such as a library, a museum, a historical and educational society, a business organization, or a corporation, with an interest in furthering the objectives of the Society.


      Section 3.            Membership categories and sub-categories shall consist of the following:


      A.                Individual


      1. Single – one person


      2. Couple – two-person membership who, for purposes other than paying dues such as voting, shall be considered as two Single members


      3. Sustaining – a Single or Couple membership may be elevated to a Sustaining membership for the fiscal year by providing additional funds in support of the Society


      4. Life - a Single or Couple membership may be elevated to a Life membership by providing a single payment in support of the Society


      5. Honorary – a person who has been elected by the Board of Directors for their contribution in time and talent to the Society who shall pay no dues and shall have all the rights and privileges of an Individual membership


      B.                 Institutional


      1. Institutional members may designate a representative of the institution and the representative shall have all the rights and privileges of Individual membership



      Section 4.          Charter Members  All members joining through the end of the first fiscal year of the Society (through 30 September 1991) shall be designated as Charter Members.


      Section 5.          Whenever deemed by the Board of Directors to be in the best interest of the Society, a member may be removed for cause, after the member is provided an opportunity to be heard by the members, by action of a two-thirds vote of the members by secret ballot at a regular or special meeting.


      Section 6.          Voting rights shall be limited to Individual members and the designated representatives of Institutional members with one vote per member.


      Section 7.          Membership dues for a fiscal year shall be in amounts approved from time to time by the Board of Directors.


      At the time of adoption of these bylaws, annual membership dues are as follows:


                                          Single                           $10.00

                                          Couple                          $15.00

                                          Sustaining                     $20.00

                                          Life                              $50.00

                                          Honorary                     NONE

                                          Institutional                  $25.00


      Section 8.          Pro-rated Membership Dues  Membership dues may be pro-rated for the remaining whole months remaining in the current fiscal year as appropriate.  For example, a membership purchased in mid-February would be for the seven full months of March through September remaining in the current fiscal year and the membership dues would be seven-twelfth of the annual dues for the category of membership.


      Section 9.          Membership dues shall be paid each fiscal year before the sixty-first day of the fiscal year.


      Section 10.        Membership may be ended for failure to pay annual membership dues by the date due.



      ARTICLE IV.                        OFFICERS


      Section 1.          The Officers shall be the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer


      Section 2.          The Officers shall be members in good standing.  No member shall hold more than one office at a time.


      Section 3.          President  The President shall be the chief executive officer and serve as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.  The actions of the President shall be subject to the approval by the Board of Directors.  The President shall appoint Committee Chairpersons.

    • Jane Wroton
      Dear CGGS Members, I want to express my sincere appreciation for all e-mails, cards, calls, and memorial gifts that have been made by different CGGS members
      Message 2 of 5 , Aug 5, 2008
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        Dear CGGS Members,

        I want to express my sincere appreciation for all e-mails, cards, calls, and memorial gifts that have been made by different CGGS members regarding my dear parents' deaths.  I'd like to suggest a book/CD, Listening is an Act of Love, by Dave Isay, that would be a wonderful addition to the CGGS library.  The website noted below, www.storycorps.net, gives information about the book and selected sound bites from the CD.  The book/CD has conversations with family members about events from family histories--it's fascinating, and would be an incentive for many people to start recording on paper or on tape, conversations with their own older family members. You can order it on amazon.com for about half the price of that of a bookstore. 
        As many of you know, Daddy compiled volumes upon volumes of our family papers that were truly his "Pride and Joy."  There are also stacks of unfiled papers, photos, etc that I must sort through and file/purge accordingly, but that's going to take QUITE a while!  Everything is on St Simons, and I live in Duluth, so this task is "on the back burner" for the moment.  At some point "down the road," I want to find a suitable place to house/donate these papers, and will be asking CGGS members for suggestions.  Maybe some of you would have some time later on to help me with the sorting and filing??!! ;-)
        I want to send in MY membership money--please advise me as to the correct address.  Also, please feel free to keep in touch with me, either by e-mail or phone: 770-476-9509.
        I would love to hear from you.
        Take care, all of you, and thank you for your many years of friendship to my parents, and your kindness and support to me!
        God Bless You All!
        Jane Wroton

        Listening Is an Act of Love: A Celebration of American Life from the StoryCorps Project StoryCorps founder Dave Isay has selected some of the most...

        www.storycorps.net/book - Cached


      • Marilyn and Rob Lear
        Hi, The Coastal Georgia Genealogical Society will meet on Sunday, January 9th, at 2:00 at the meeting room of the St. Simons Firestation at the airport. The
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          The Coastal Georgia Genealogical Society will meet on Sunday, January 9th, at 2:00 at the meeting room of the St. Simons Firestation at the airport.  The program will be "Using Military Records" by Bill Ramsaur.  Bill is extremely experienced in military records research, having served as registrar for his Sons of the American Revolution chapter.  He may appear in his Revolutionary soldier's uniform!  Also, please bring any genealogy periodicals or books which you no longer need and we will sell them at very low prices, with all funds going to CGGS.  January is a good time to clean out!
          Last November's meeting was informative and interesting...featuring items from the past brought by members, along with some thought-provoking stories.  Barbara Bathke reminded us to be sure that items framed have a mat or "spacers" used to keep the glass from touching the surface of the item.  More information on conservation of your family memorabilia will be available at the meeting on January 9th.  An extreme version of preserving the past can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=DmrCuaZRO7A
          You will not believe the 1895 "museum" created by one man in his basement!!
          Upcoming on February 19th is the annual seminar given by the Jacksonville Genealogical Society.  Some of us have attended their seminars in the past and have found them to be well-organized and helpful.  Here is the brochure: http://jaxgen.home.comcast.net/~jaxgen/2011semflyer.pdf
          Should we have a carpool?
          Finally, Ancestry has added new content to its website, as it continually does.  However, I hope that all of us continue to use additional on-line sources.  Please report at the meeting about other internet resources which you have found helpful.   It seems that the TV program "Who Do You Think You Are" will return soon.   These types of programs always get more folks interested in their ancestry.  Genealogy is a huge and growing pasttime.
          Happy New Year and Happy Hunting [for your kinfolk],
          Marilyn Lear
        • Marilyn and Rob Lear
          CGGS News: Cemetery Tour in St. Mary s A group of about 22, including guests, went on a tour last week at historic Oak Grove Cemetery and thoroughly enjoyed
          Message 4 of 5 , Feb 2, 2012
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            CGGS News:
            Cemetery Tour in St. Mary's  A group of about 22, including guests, went on a tour last week at historic Oak Grove Cemetery and thoroughly enjoyed it.   Kay Westberry told us about the unusual walled burials, the many Revolutionary burials, and the history of the port town.  Afterwards 14 went to Lang's Seafood on the river for a nice lunch.  Thanks to all those who participated!!
            Who Do You Think You Are?  This popular television show returns tomorrow night, Friday, February 3rd.  Episode one will trace the ancestry of Martin Sheen in Ireland and Spain.  The next show will feature Marisa Tomei who travels to Italy.  Other shows will follow the families of Blair Underwood, Reba McEntire, Rob Lowe, Helen Hunt, Rita Wilson, Edie Falco, Rashida Jones, Jerome Bettis, Jason Sudeikis and Paula Deen.  The show is at 8:00 on NBC.
            Super Museum Sunday  You may have heard about this, but this Sunday, many coastal museums and historical locations are open for free from 12:00 noon until 4:00!!  This is a great chance to see the Owens Thomas House, Wormsloe or the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum among 35 or more others.        :http://www.georgiahistory.com/files/0000/0757/Museum_Map.pdf
            This event is part of  the Georgia History Festival.
            Huxford/Spear Trip  Plans are being made to have a field trip to the Huxford/Spear Library in Homerville.  Our days are either Thursday, February 23 or Monday February 27.  Please send me an email right away if you are interested and let me know which date is better for you.  We will meet at Lanier Plaza in Brunswick about 8:00 to carpool.  This trip is for CGGS members only, as the library is letting CGGS use the facility for free for that one day. [normally a $15 fee per person]
            Jacksonville Genealogical Society Seminar February 18th  It is not too late to register for the JGS spring seminar.  There will be four different topics presented including one on the Records of the War of 1812.  See the flyer at http://jaxgen.home.comcast.net/~jaxgen/2012semflyer.pdf   Deadline for registration with lunch included is February 8th.
            Next CGGS Meeting Sunday March 11th  Our speaker will be Sara Rupnik and her topic is "Writing Our Lives."  She teaches memoir writing classes among others, and will help us describe our family members in ways that are "both vibrant and honest."  Don't miss this outstanding talk and mini-workshop.
            Good luck in your research,
            Marilyn Lear, President
          • Marilyn and Rob Lear
            [Here is a sample copy of our newsletter! Members, you received this previously.] Coastal Georgia Genealogical Society News & Reviews January 2014 In This
            Message 5 of 5 , Feb 4, 2014
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                 [Here is a sample copy of our newsletter!   Members, you received this previously.]
              Coastal Georgia Genealogical Society
              News & ReviewsJanuary 2014
              In This Issue
              Upcoming Events
              January Meeting
              New Year Resolutions
              North Florida Conference
              Upcoming Events

              Jan 12, 2014      CGGS Meeting    2PM
              "Nefarious Ancestors - The Wonderful People Who Weren't"


              Mar 14-15, 2014  N. Florida Genealogical Conference

                 Orange Park, FL


              May 7-10, 2014   National Genealogical Society Conf.

                                         Richmond, VA


              Aug 27-30,2014  Federation of Genealogical Societies

                                          National Conf. - San Antonio TX



              January 12 Meeting - Nefarious Ancestors: 
                                              the wonderful people who weren't

              I had just started learning "the real story" of my third-great grandfather, when asked for a meeting idea.  Aunt Mary would tell us wonderful antebellum stories of Cornelius Taylor, his plantation and great leadership in settling central Florida.  All true, however; she neglected his time in Indiana, the pig and horse thieving, assault and counterfeiting there.  In Florida his story just gets more interesting and exciting and then he went to Texas!


              So who in your family was more interesting that the stories of your childhood and less perfect?


              January will be a member participation meeting.  Email me a brief outline of the "Wonderful to Nefarious" ancestor you would like to share with the group.  We will try to organize ourselves around like themes or time periods and limit ourselves to ten minute outlines.  Handouts and photographs are welcome.  

              My email is:  jmt6201@....  Please use the subject:  "CGGS Jan".


              Perhaps we will discover some fascinating future subjects.   I look forward to hearing from you.


                   John Taylor


              New Year Resolutions for 2014

              I was attending a conference in Ohio and the speaker said "if you want to move forward in your research - stop researching!"  His point was to get organized and make sense of what you already have.  Here is a list that might help you build your resolution list for genealogy.  It was found on the Family Tree website but I'm sure we've all thought them to ourselves many times.  Get started!

              Be sure all your information is cited.  

              Scan old family photos and other mementos, and share them with relatives. Be specific-resolve to scan one item every Saturday. 

              Set up a genealogy research log and to-do list.  You can setup a database 
              using a cloud service such as Evernote or Google Drive, and faithfully maintain it to streamline your genealogy workflow.     

              Organize your records on your computer and in your file drawer 
              in a way that makes sense for the way you research. Schedule 30 minutes once a week or once a month to file accumulated papers.   

              Call a relative and ask to 
              talk about your family history   

              Pick a family and, for each place they lived, run a place search of the 
              Family History Library online catalog. Records that are digitized on the free FamilySearch.org will be linked.  

              Join a 
              genealogical society for your hometown or for a place where your ancestor lived and don't forget to renew your membership for GCGS.  

              Reach out to other genealogy researchers online through 
              genealogy message boardsblogging, posting an online tree, or using a social networking site such as Facebook or Google+. If you find someone with common research interests, propose a research collaboration.    

              Start writing your family history. Take it one ancestor at a time.  

              Planning Ahead - Reminder

              North Florida Genealogy Conference
              Orange Park, Florida
              March 14-15, 2014




              Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,

              461 Blanding Blvd., Orange Park, Florida

               Click here to view map



              Register Early for first choice of classes
                        $20 through January 14, 2014
                        $25 January 15 through March 10, 2014
                        $30 at the door March 15, 2014 (lunch is not guaranteed)


              Richmond Times Dispatch

              December 24, 1932


              Hoover to Visit Coffin, Distant Cousin, on Trip


                 SEA ISLAND BEACH, Ga.,  Dec 23 - (AP) - A quiet cruise among the "Golden Isles of Guale" and a visit with his distant cousin will mark President Hoover's celebration of Christmas.

                 Howard E. Coffin, who will be host to the chief executive, is a member of the Coffin family that went West with the Hoovers from the Carolinas in covered wagons in the early 1800's and settled on adjoining claims in Ohio.

                 At the Coffin estate on Sapelo Island the President and Mrs. Hoover will be guests at Christmas dinner Sunday evening during which a group of Negro singers will sign the spirituals which so delighted President and Mrs. Coolidge during their visit here in 1928.

                 Arriving at Savannah by train from Washington tomorrow morning, President Hoover is expected to angle for rockfish in the Ogeechee River during the morning, before boarding the Sequoia for St. Catherine's Island where he will spend the night.

                 Sunday morning will find the Sequoia moving along the inland route toward Sapelo Island, which is one of the six "Golden Isles of Guale," a part of the Northern Province of Florida.  Thees [these] islands, lying along the Georgia coast, were given this name on old charts and have been crowded with history and tradition for nearly four centuries.

              Home on Sapelo

                 The presidential boat is expected to dock in the old careening grounds of the Blackbeard, when it arrives here Sunday.  The home of Howard Coffin is built around and within the walls of a house build on Sapelo Island in 1805.

                 Tentative plans call for a duck hunt Monday, when the President will have an opportunity to shoot mallard and teal, which are plentiful this season.  He will also fish for big mouth bass during the day.  A hunting expedition into the sea island game preserve, from which the President's Christmas turkey was taken may be made Tuesday.  Wild turkeys and deer abound in the preserve.

                 As the Sequoia proceeds into Florida waters later in the week it is expected the President will pause at the Sea Island Yacht Club where the timbers for Old Ironsides were cut and loaded and that he may visit the historic Fort Frederica on St. Simons Island.  From there he will said past Jekyll Island home of the famous Jekyll Island Club and of the late George F. Baker and others priminent [prominent] in American finance.

                 Cumberland and Amelia Islands will be the last of the "Golden Isles" before the Presidential party passes into Florida waters for the rest of the holiday cruise.


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