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义工部讲座: 如何缓 解压力? - 10月 23日/Volunt eer Depart ment Confe rence: Str ess Manage ment

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  • Dépt. du bénévolat - SFCGM
    义工部讲座: ( 英文讲座,配普通话翻译。) 如何缓解压力? By Ms. Martine Poupard 1 -压力对身体的影响
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2011


                  ( 英文讲座,配普通话翻译。)                                 



      By    Ms. Martine Poupard


      1 -压力对身体的影响



      2 -压力对情绪的影响



      3 -压力对社交的影响




      20111023 上午10点至12

      987, rue Côté 4


      Volunteer Department Conference:

                (in English with Chinese intepretation)                   

                                 Stress Management        


      By    Ms. Martine Poupard


      1- The physical aspect of stress
       What happens to the body when we are stressed out
       How to gain control of the physical reactions of stress
      2- The emotional aspect of stress
        How do our thoughts create stress reactions
        Brief resume of the Positive Attitude
      3- The social aspect of stress
        Tips for communicating more effectively.



      Please reserve your place

      October 23rd 2011 – 10H to 12H AM

         Chinese Family Service of Great Montreal 

      987, rue Côté, 4th Floor


      Teng Fei Yu
      Département du bénévolat
      Service à la famille chinoise du Grand Montréal
      987, rue Côté 4ème étage
      H2Z 1L1 Montréal
      Tel: 514-861-5244 (ext. 233)
      Fax: 514-861-9008

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