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  • Hung,T.K.- CFSGM Volunteer Dpt
    Hi All, Happy New year. I hope you can realise your goals this year - be it health, career or academic. After two months of hiatus of emails I will be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 2007
      Hi All,
      Happy New year. I hope you can realise your goals this year - be it health, career or academic.
      After two months of hiatus of emails I will be bombarding you from time to time upcoming activities at the volunteer dept.
      In this email:
      1). orientation on Jan 6
      2). McGill Volunteer Fair Jan 18 THursday - 6 volunteers needed
      3). Data Entry / Office work
      4). SAGE - seniors action in generating empowerment
      5). Interprète - français - mandarin
      6). Other events

      1) Orientation on Jan 6 - thanks to those who attended, help organized and presented. We had many current volunteers, hopefully next time we will have more NEW faces.
      2) Jan 18  SALON DU BÉNÉVOLAT McGill Volunteer Fair
      - Jeudi 18 janvier 2007, de 11h à 15h / Thursday, January 18, 2007, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
        3480 McTavish, 3rd floor (Shatner Ballroom), McGill University
      six volunteers needed to staff the table, more welcomed
      3) Data entry, telephone calls (cantonese)  and office paperwork - for Women's club abd Individual and Family Support Projects of CFS.
      4) our next SAGE event will be a workshop on oral hygiene. THere will be lunch, workshop, group demonstration, discussion , Q&A period and lucky draw.
      we need for this event (preparation before):
      - cooking -  salty tang yuan, ba bao congee, etc.
      - arts and crafts - using red envelop to make goldfish - we need enough people to make 50 - one for each senior.
      -day of the event - welcome, ushers, facilitators, etc.
      5). On a besoins d'interprètes français-mandarin pour les atéliers et groupe de discussions du Service Correctionnel  du Canada qui se dérouleront au SFC. Les dates sont samedis 17 fev et 3 mars.
      6). upcoming events
      6a) Chinese New Year Elderly Visit - Volunteer Dept. with women's club - tentaive Feb 24 saturday
      Needed: singers, entertainers, perfomrers, perople with talent!
      6b) chinese new year potluck - to be confirmed with re-natal group and new mothers group
      6c) Scolarship - May 2007 - tentative - get ready to write two articles about volunteerism and chinese community - details to follow soon.

      7) as always, we need interpretators for hospital visits:

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

      HUNG, Ting Kwan 洪挺堃
      coordonnateur des be'ne'voles / volunteer coordinator滿城華人服務中心 義工部統籌
      Service `a la famille chinoise du Grand Montre'al / Chinese Family Service of Greater Montreal

      987 rue Cote', 4e e'tage, Montre'al, QC, H2L 1Z1
      Tel: (514) 861-5244 poste 231
      Te'le'copieur: (514) 861-9008


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