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15462012至2013义 工颁奖大会>帮忙/A idez pour< La Cérémon ie de Remi se des Pri x aux béné voles enga gés 2012-2 013>‏‏‏‏‏

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  • Dépt. du bénévolat - SFCGM
    Oct 17, 2013
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      ** 此次我們需要10人,同一人可擔任不同崗位。

      食物預備 物品運送 會場佈置 攝影人員餐飲部 獎品部會場清理

      集合时间 : 下午1点30

      集合地点 : 华人服务中心(987, rue Côté, 4)




      Hello Volunteers,

      The14th edition Committed Volunteer Award Ceremony will be held on Thursday, octobre24 from 5:30pm to 7pm in Montreal Chinese Hospital Auditorium (2rdfloor). In addition to the financial support of our sponsors, we also need A LOT OF VOLUNTEER to help us before, during and after the ceremony.

      The following list is all the positions that require volunteers to fill in. If anyone of you will be free and interested to help, please reply this email immediately , and leave us your name and phone number. Unity is strength, thank you very much.

      ** This time we need 10 people, the same person can play different role before, during and after the ceremony.

      Food preparation ,Delivery ,The venue ,Photographer ,Food and Beverage , Prizes ,Site clean-up

      Time :13H30 PM

      Place : Vounteer Department of Chinese Family Service ( 987, rue Côté,4thfloor)

      Veuillez contacter le département du bénévolat par e-mail pour plus de détails.


      Lu NuanDong
      Département du bénévolat
      Service à la famille chinoise du Grand Montréal
      987, rue Côté 4ème étage
      H2Z 1L1 Montréal
      Tel: 514-861-5244 (ext. 233)
      Fax: 514-861-9008

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