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Fw: [jurnalisme] SIARAN PERS - ASEAN LOGICS application forms

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      Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 6:55 PM
      Subject: [jurnalisme] SIARAN PERS - ASEAN LOGICS application forms

      Please check out our updated website!

      we have uploaded new PDF application forms and TOR for your working papers.


      We are pleased to announce that ASEAN LOGICS 2007 will be taking place
      in Indonesia this August 2-15, 2007.
      It is an event held by the Department of International Relations
      University of Indonesia in collaboration with ASEAN Foundation to
      promote people-to-people interaction and youth awareness among the ten
      ASEAN nations. The program will comprise of a conference/
      working-group discussion and site visits that will enable participants
      of the program to further interaction among one another and intensify
      field-based knowledge of the issues on cultural pluralism, poverty and
      development, challenges of epidemic diseases: HIV/ AIDS, and
      Attached are the poster and terms of reference for ASEAN LOGICS.
      Application forms can be downloaded from the website:

      Please help spread the word far and wide :) and considering that,
      could you provide us with a mailing address that we could send
      publications and posters to regarding the event? Personal mailing
      address would be fine, and we would really appreciate it if you could
      help disseminate the information. Thank you kindly.


      Kinanti Taufik
      Program Assistant

      ASEAN LOGICS 2007
      -ASEAN Students Engaging Action for Local and Regional Contribution to

      Bridging the differences in culture and beliefs
      Globalization, poverty, and development
      Challenges of epidemic diseases: HIV/ AIDS
      Ecosystem and wildlife conservation

      Do you have an interest and passion for action in one of the topics above?
      Are you ready to play your role as an ASEAN citizen?

      Then we would like to invite you to an all-expense paid trip to Indonesia!
      August 2-15, 2007

      Share your experience and knowledge with other like-minded students
      from ASEAN and visit the places where you can be a part of the change
      you wish to see?

      Jakarta, Bali, Gorontalo, Malang, and Jayapura

      Requirements for participants:

      1. Holds citizenship of an ASEAN member country and is willing to
      represent his/ her country in the program

      2. Preferably resides in where he/ she is a citizen

      3. 18-25 years of age

      4. Undergraduate student enrolled in a university located in one of
      the ASEAN countries, with a minimum GPA of 2.75 (on 0-4.00 scale).

      5. Possess strong interest in one of the four ASEAN LOGICS 2007 topics:
      ? Bridging the differences in culture and beliefs
      ? Globalization, poverty, and development
      ? Challenges of epidemic diseases
      ? Ecosystem and wildlife conservation in ASEAN

      6. Actively involved in campus and community activities concerning one
      of the four topics of ASEAN LOGICS 2007.

      7. Capable of communicating in written and spoken English.

      8. Willing to actively participate for the whole duration of ASEAN
      LOGICS 2007; return and contribute to home country upon completion of
      the program.

      How to join:
      Fill out the application form (download from
      www.ir.fisip.ui.edu/aseanlogics) and along with the following documents:
      1. A one page essay describing your past experience, your future
      goals, and why you deserve to represent your country for one
      particular topic in ASEAN Logics 2007.
      2. A working paper on one chosen topic (consult Terms of Reference for
      participants? working paper).
      3. Complete resume.
      4. A copy of TOEFL/ IELTS score or other English proficiency test
      (prediction/ institutional/ international is acceptable).
      5. Two recommendation letters: one from university/ faculty and one
      from community/ organization leader.
      6. An official transcript issued by applicant?s university.
      7. Preferably other supporting documents showing your involvement in
      community activities.

      Send it to:

      ASEAN LOGICS 2007
      International Relations Department
      Gedung B Lantai 2
      Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP)
      University of Indonesia
      Depok 16424

      website: www.ir.fisip.ui.edu/aseanlogics
      e-mail: aseanlogics@...
      phone: +62 21 71232361
      fax: +62 21 7873744

      All applications and documents must be received by the committee no
      later than June 22, 2007

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