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Re: [cerebus] Re: OT: Cultural icons

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  • Maincbs13@aol.com
    In a message dated 11/1/02 4:43:18 AM !!!First Boot!!!, sbolhafner@yahoo.com ... The Clash? ahem the Sex Pistols? hahahaha... true rock and roll, really
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      In a message dated 11/1/02 4:43:18 AM !!!First Boot!!!, sbolhafner@... writes:

      The Clash. The Sex Pistols. The Doors. I can think of a dozen bands
      at least who fit the true "rock 'n' roll" bill better than the
      Beatles, who were always really a pop band that knew how to rock

      I'm sorry, but the Grateful Dead, good as they are, aren't even in
      the running.

      Steve Bolhafner

        The Clash? ahem the Sex Pistols? hahahaha... "true" rock and roll, really sounds like you're trying to develop converts and synchophants for a one true voice in Rock and Roll, like the one true church debate. Music is way too subjective for a one band ideology, and too many bands are uncomparably (apples and oranges) alligned to their influences to seperate them and evalute them, way too many specific genres of different "rock" that are all vital and do the same "things" for different people. While you claim the Foo's are great, I find them more commercial than my current tastes and aligned with pop...almost. Some of the new bands are great and I don't care if they ever have another album out.....The Clinic, The Vines, The Hives, The White Stripes, Zero 7, The Super Furry Animals, The Eels, Sonic Youth, ...on and on, and I haven't touched on prog rock, fusion, alt, emo, country rock,....each genre may have a favorite (of mine) and it still would be asking too much to scientifically compare who was better....music is vital and ever changing. How do you describe Badly Drawn Boy? or Wilco? or Modest Mouse? or The Flaming Lips? or Martin Medeski and Wood?, does the inclusion of strings, horns or orchestras knock a band out of "true" rock and roll consideration? (then toss the Beatles out) out out out I say. You can't take a vote, tho they do, you can't view one band as superior to another because of income, records sold, longevity, catalog or following...you can enjoy it tho. If you like it, play it. If you turn on the radio and hear Britney or Celine (change the station quick lol..) or rap, or country, or classical and it soothes the inner beast, listen to it. In the present time there is more choice from popular to independant to self released. You can only say you like it, or not. You can buy it (and the t-shirt and the concert ticket and even hitch hike across the known world and sell your car leave the wife and kids and stone out to the band) or download it, compile mega-mega collections of Beastie Boyz rarities and attatch your Mp3 player to your Cool Moe Dee underwear and still not have the rock and roll music of all time number one! It can't be done. If you like music, if it enhances your life, if you can dance, or mosh or frug to it,...then listen to it. If you like the music, it is good. If YOU love the music, it is great. If the band you like breaks up, chances are, nowadays, that they'll transform into something else, or inspire another band, or are derivitive of an older band...and the list keeps going. If I wanted to pick the best rock and roll band of all time it would have to be based on how it hit my soul and heart. The very last person on earth to ask the question of and expect to hear a well informed, logical, confirmable, cogent and PERTINENT opinion on the subject rock and roll would be Dave......he threw out music long ago. He doesn't like it anymore. It is a distraction. The question is like asking your pet hamster who the Cowsill's are, and what ever happened to Moby Grape. If you like it, listen to it. If you love it you're lucky. If you play music for fun/a living/as a meditation tool you are in heaven now...enjoy it.
      P.S. oh yeah Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Tool, Fugazi, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Starship, Joplin, Traffic, Allman Bros., Queens of the Stoneage, Jimmy Eat World, M.O.E., Radiohead, Morcheeba, Mudhoney, Bowie, Costello, Pink Floyd, Phish, Oysterhead, Marvin Pontiac, Bill Ding, The Malachy Papers, Tonic, Better than Ezra, CSN&Y, ......time to go to bed, I have the Bose Wave Radio set for Bill Frisell as an alarm and then it is time to play personal DJ with albums, cassettes, cds and I've got to practise drums, guitar, keyboards and my voice today, ....ah music of the gods
      P.P.S. try the new Jack Johnson cd out, campfire surf rock, by an ex-professional surfer. Great tunes, great lyrics, great structures and you can dance to it.....!!!! it's called "Brushfire Fairytales" killer.....great log work there cave dude
    • David Shortell
      ... I must exist in a very different environment. What I always get is that ol punk rock philosophy: Those guys were all right when they ROCKED,but by 1966
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        --- Christian <cerebusluvsjaka@...> wrote:
        > I won't take a side on that one, but will say that
        > the Beatles early albums are, possibly, why so many
        > people of the X and Why generations don't love them
        > so much. A lot of those tunes come across as cheesey
        > now. But Relvolver, Rubber Soul, Let It Be, and Sgt.
        > Pepper sound more like good classic rock. My
        > opinion.

        I must exist in a very different environment. What I
        always get is that ol' punk rock philosophy:"Those
        guys were all right when they ROCKED,but by 1966 they
        HAD it! They shoulda called it quits before they
        started doing Rubber Soul and all that NON-rock crap!"
        Not that I agree with this.

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