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Re: [cerebus] From Lurking to Leaping in and Liberal bias

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    Hi everyone, here with a quick overview of my most recent lurks, well excuses really, jeez why do i feel so guilty. Been working 55 to 60 hr weeks since July
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2001

           Hi everyone, here with a quick overview of  my most recent lurks, well excuses really, jeez why do i feel so guilty.  Been working 55 to 60 hr weeks since July 2nd and am also principal caretaker for my son (paraplegic ex-marine) and have sometimes gone to my computer to find literally hundreds of posts, have been starving myself and then bingeing on your most excellent comments and grasp of storyline and philosophy and i just haven't had the ass or determination to type out my thoughts.
           As for the Parasha and rereading, I just read straight thru from one to present over the last year, and was seen through some seemingly unsurmountable dificulties with the gaps in my collection  from people in this amazing group of literate Cerebites
      and have especially enjoyed the comments on the elves and lettering, I'll probably try to join in on occasion as I'm now in the posture of waiting for my issues to reach the mailbox, and then holding off as long as possible (usually about two days before i unwrap it's chewy crispy celophane and devour it's pulpy goodness) before reading and then checking the comments, now i can read messages with spoilers attatched...! oh great day in the mornin'
            As for the current storyline,  Yes it does seem like he is relating this portion of the story to a scribe , or if i was a drinking man, and speaking to someone of my past life as a drinking man, and starting with my "last drink/hangover" , and moving forward from there, like reading from a forth step and taking a fifth step, .... so it seems to me that Cerebus is relating his insanity dreams bewilderment and having a spiritual awakening?... is he speaking with humility sometimes in the past few issues  ....is taking some of the responsibility for the wreckage of his past...surely we'll see a revisitation with some of the ex-major characters as he tries to make amends and then do something.  anything... besides sit.  Yes a good long soak in your own brain can be fruitful when you can do some serious meditation but come on now lets whip up some enthusiasm from something other than the juvenilistic wise guy behavior      (repetitive on screen and only slightly better in this homage type restoration) ... well the church interiors are pretty slick , and the lettering and story line still really get my goat, every time, every single time.  It's hard to find impact like that anymore.
           I'll appologize for my long windedness later but first, or finally or well....

      n a message dated 10/29/01 6:54:05 PM Central Standard Time, rainmandu@... writes:

      Liberals love to make themselves feel good by 'explaining away'
      people who disagree with them.
      Like Dave, most of my views are minority views. I rarely (if ever)
      find myself agreeing with the latest bit of nonsense being 'put
      forward' by liberals or conservatives.
      After reading the article a few posts back on the list, I thought I
      would get that off my chest.

                   Yeah it's me again, It seems to me that i'm the liberal of the sort that is too liberal to suffer the label of a group movement solidified by one shining party or faction, sort of an individualistic liberal , I believe everyone ought to have the right to pursue their own "lifestyles" but being a moralist at heart they only have to be responsible for their actions and .....registering for the draft...

          while speaking to an islamic fundamentalist on the white house staff in a West Wing special after the Attack, the Chief of Staff cracks "Maybe we ought to teach them to drive"  about what to do with their male domination approach to women,....
      Yeah , a fully loaded HumVee....  I think the women over there could govern in a
      a much less warlike manner.
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