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CerebusTV: Episode 32 this Friday!

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  • margaret
    Cerebus.TV #32 - July 2, 10pm ET/7pm PT (July 3, 2am GMT) http://www.cerebus.tv Frank Frazetta and Al Williamson While we were in final
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      Cerebus.TV #32 - July 2, 10pm ET/7pm PT (July 3, 2am GMT)


      Frank Frazetta and Al Williamson

      While we were in final editing for the first part of the Frazetta Tribute - which aired as #30 two weeks ago - Frank's comics collaborator, the great Al Williamson, passed away June 12.

      Our special featuring Frank was already underway as per our promos on Cerebus.TV, with Part Two ramped up for editing and airing on July 2. Since so much of the episode is devoted to Al Williamson as well as Frank Frazetta, Cerebus.TV #32 is dedicated to the memory of both.

      The work of Al Williamson, as is known to readers of Dave Sim's Glamourpuss and to longtime Cerebus.TV viewers, is a seminal influence on Dave Sim's work.

      Dave details during #32 how he sees Frazetta's 1952 comic strip JOHNNY COMET and his collaborations with Williamson fit into the History of Photorealism in Comics that is running in Glamourpuss (available, by the way for ordering on the Cerebus.TV site).

      Please join the video stream for our tribute to two of comics' greatest illustrators.

      Flash! Auction 32 is ANOTHER "Varkzetta" sketch! It turns out the first two really did sell during Auction 30, so join Dave as he creates a third sketch on-camera this time - so you can see how much he really doesn't know what he's doing, right before your very eyes. Since there's just one, the auction bid starts at only $5 - Dave figures the first two probably saturated the market for "Varkzetta" sketches - which he refuses to sign any other way!

      Plus - a panoply of features from Cerebus.TV contributors across the globe - Small Press Comics Focus, Mainlining, new animations and more.
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