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Re: Of Loyalty Oaths (was 5 Q's for Gerhard)

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  • Larry
    ... Only the fact that Dave has said he considers HIMSELF to be one. - Larry Hart
    Message 1 of 333 , Jun 1, 2008
      --- In cerebus@yahoogroups.com, Rick Sharer <rlsharer@...> wrote:
      > > Should we be signing a petition declaring that we
      > > don't believe Dave
      > > Sim to be a Muslim. Apologizing for daring to think
      > > that he was one?
      > If he asked for one, I wouldn't see a problem...would
      > you?

      Only the fact that Dave has said he considers HIMSELF to be one.

      - Larry Hart
    • Jeff Tundis
      ... ====== There you go again. What kind of conversation on race has your candidate initiated when Baby Mama is a borderline racist slur against a
      Message 333 of 333 , Jun 20, 2008
        --- In cerebus@yahoogroups .com, Chris W <show_me68508@ ...> wrote:

        ====== "There you go again." What kind of conversation on race has
        your candidate initiated when "Baby Mama" is a borderline racist slur
        against a candidate, but "my baby's daddy" is totally acceptable when
        used by that baby's mama herself:

        - "Baby mama" is common slang, especially in the black community, for
        the mother of an illegitimate child born out of wedlock.

        - Anyone pretending to be a reponsible journalist should know this.
        Given the history of repeating Obama's middle name to associate him
        with terrorists (misspelling it as Osama on occasion), irresponsible
        comments made off-hand that are hoped to slide under the radar,
        trying to convince people that Obama's a Muslim - all of this makes
        it very easy for me to assume that all such comments are ineed made
        in a derogatory manner.

        ===== The fist bump looked to me like one of those Al and Tipper
        kissing things, icky. But nobody should have lost their job for a
        single description of a "terrorist fist jab".

        - Was it the only such comment? I doubt it. It was an incredibly
        stupid thing to say for a "professional" journalist and I would have
        fired her, too.

        Obama himself points out that his middle name will be an asset in
        negotiations with foreign countries, so what the fuck is up with
        these double standards?

        - If you can't see the difference between that and the cheap scare
        tactic it's used as in the media, I don't see the point of this
        conversation. It's quite hopeless.

        ====== You can call them "kindergarten smear campaigns", but that
        doesn't make them so.

        - No, that's true. That they *are* kindergarten smear campaigns is
        what makes them kindergarten smear campaigns:)

        ====== Michelle Malkin's the only one on the list I pay any
        attention to

        - I know. It's painfully obvious. That's why I mentioned her.

        ===== Yes, now he's set foot in the Senate, which obviously
        qualifies him to run for President.

        - Doesn't even take that much. Natural born citizen, 35 years old,
        resident of US for 14 years. The fact that he hasn't been corrupted
        by a long stay in DC is encouraging to me.

        So? If the rhetoric you listen to is
        to be believed, Obama has sponsored no Bills, which is totally false.

        ====== His experience of dealing with the Daley machine and getting
        to represent 1 of the 19 parts of Chicago that elect state senators
        to a 59-person state Senate is duly noted. But this is relevant to
        his potential Presidency how?

        - It's all valuable experience - even with mistakes he's made, no
        matter how you may want to belittle and dismiss it.

        - Jeff
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