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286 and the Chase for clarity....SPOILERS

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  • Maincbs13@aol.com
    Appropriate spoiler spaces.............. ... point where Joseph ( of the amazing technicolor dream coat ) has been sold into slavery by his jealous brothers,
    Message 1 of 71 , Feb 1, 2003

                  Appropriate spoiler spaces..............
      > and so the Cerebexegesis is at the 38th chapter of Genesis and right at the point where Joseph ( of the amazing technicolor dream coat ) has been sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, for a price of 20 pieces of money, Cerebus' comment is that it will probably happen again, that someone in Judahs line of descendants will probably be sold for 20 pieces of money, and the sequential art seems to be saying some, all or none of the similar things.....

            Konigsberg plays he, she and it (the elephant is konigsbergian, but I can't tell if the elephants are "its"?
            The face of death or some movie ref. to do with Fellini or Bergman? my movie references are not up to this, but Konigsberg begins by draping something over his right arm and mirroring the action of the first part, accompanied by his mumbling, that Cerebus and Me do not get, but have an almost reverential silence for, as they wait for the end of his outbursts three times.
            Konigsberg plays a he...a she...an it, and is having dreams, with wierd accents and this seems that it would make a perfect Minds/Dreams sequence/echo for several issues, with bizzare dream references, and Konigsberg/Joseph taking a trip through the angst of his surrounding life, mirroring the Bible story, that goes on for several more chapters.
            Cerebus gets in shape, doing sit-ups, eating vegetables and his early version of the stair master, he thought he would be ready for some sneaky plot by The Legion of Joanne Wannabes because of several points, but basically because they have done this to Cerebus before and he WONT marry any of them, not to mention his keeping the tradition of cleansing the land and building fruitcake park. He mentions that he goes out sometimes to see the houses built.
            The following pages of cerebexegesis are accompanied by panels of Woody being beseeched by Fellini and Bergman to use his acting skills to achieve the efttect they are directorily looking for, and he can't. I am obviously not getting this, probably due to my unfamiliarity to Fellini and Bergman films, and the last pages of panels, are soon-yi, mia, soon-yi-------then the dagger scene set up by Bergman and then lastly-----a skipping/burning/disfunction of the film?

            Me reminds Cerebus that he was supposed to mention the bracelets at chapt 38 and that next cerebexegesis part ends with Tamar putting her widows garments away.

            This would seem like a strange place to end the cerebexegesis, as the power of Joseph and his dream interpretaions are right around the corner, and I don't get where Dave is going with this, or stopping with this. I enjoyed the art and the installation of full length mirrors in the sanctuary, and Cerebus noticing his butt has gotten big.......the art work, and backgrounds are great.

            And I haven't re-read anything, or finished the While Canada Slept back of the book piece, so these are my first.......confused.......impressions

            But a good issue none the less, and a sign of more art to come as the art seems to have increased in importance and frequency these last several issues.


    • Larry <larrytheillini@yahoo.com>
      ... The particular brand of forced slavery practiced in the Triangular Trade between Europe, Africa, and the New World seems to be such a brutal and inhuman
      Message 71 of 71 , Feb 10, 2003
        --- In cerebus@yahoogroups.com, Rick Sharer <rlsharer@y...> wrote:
        > It *is* fascinating. We have such a stigma about
        > slavery these days that some people cannot comprehend
        > how it actually was a viable economic system long ago.
        > There was, of course, forced slavery, but the
        > voluntary slavery was an option for people down on
        > their luck. No government handouts, people *had* to
        > work! :)

        The particular brand of forced slavery practiced in the "Triangular
        Trade" between Europe, Africa, and the New World seems to be such a
        brutal and inhuman version that it kinda ruined "slavery" as an
        acceptable anything for all time, or at least while the memory

        Not that the Charlton Heston in Egypt version was a walk in the park,
        mind you. ;) But the movie probably wasn't entirely off in depicting
        a large portion of the population wanting to go back to Pharoah and
        the brick pits rather than wander in the desert.

        - Larry Hart
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