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Dave Sim's blogandmail #77 (November 27th, 2006)

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  • Jeff Tundis
    The Mystery of STAROO Revealed! STAROO is something that I have a lot of pride in: the fact that of the seventeen volumes Aardvark Vanaheim has on the Diamond
    Message 1 of 55 , Nov 27 9:15 AM

      The Mystery of STAROO Revealed!

      STAROO is something that I have a lot of pride in: the fact that of the seventeen volumes Aardvark Vanaheim has on the Diamond Star System, eight of them start with the "Double Zero" designation, STAR 00, because they were early additions to the Star System when Diamond was starting it up in the early 90s (the lowest number is the Cerebus TPb which is designated STAR0070!)

      Every once in a while, I'm just going to run all of the Diamond order codes for the Cerebus Trades for an entire week.

      If you're a retailer, I hope you'll take it as a friendly reminder during "Listing Week" to take a few minutes to go and check your shelves and see if any of the trades are missing and order them from DIAMOND while you're still thinking about it. The Trades sell a lot better when you have them all in stock than they do when there's just volumes 2, 4, 7, 10, 11 and 16 sitting there.

      If you're a potential customer I hope you'll use Listing Week to call the Comic Shop Locator Service




      and find out where the comic book stores are in your area

      and if they don't have a volume you want in stock, you can give them the Star System order code right over the phone!

      VOL.1 CEREBUS…………………….STAR0070

      VOL.2 HIGH SOCIETY……………..STAR0071

      VOL.3 CHURCH & STATE I……...STAR00271

      VOL.4 CHURCH & STATE II.........STAR00322

      VOL.5 JAKAS STORY………….....STAR00359

      VOL.6 MELMOTH…........................STAR00431

      VOL.7 FLIGHT……………………..STAR00543

      VOL.8 WOMEN…………………….STAR00849

      VOL.9 READS………………………STAR01063

      VOL.10 MINDS……………………..STAR01916

      VOL.11 GUYS………………………STAR06972

      VOL.12 RICKS STORY……………STAR08468

      VOL.13 GOING HOME……………STAR10981

      VOL.14 FORM & VOID…………..STAR13500

      VOL.15 LATTER DAYS………….AUGO31920

      VOL.16 THE LAST DAY………….APRO42189

      COLLECTED LETTERS 2004…….FEBO52434

      Monday November 27 -

      Okay, here I go again making a Blog & Mail just of the things that I got in the mail and haven't answered. Conrad P. Felber sent in a Reuters news clipping from the Toronto Star for October 14 "Superheroes of God" written by Jason Szep about a nice young Muslim fellow whose Kuwait based company is planning to publish a comic book called The 99 which will consist of Muslim super-heroes based on the 99 attributes of God ("This Ramadan The World Has New Heroes") and is also "rolling out" classic U.S. comic books like The Hulk, Spider-man and Archie in the Arabic language.

      This one was bizarre, given that depictions of anything divine are prohibited in Islam. No word on any fatwas against him yet. It's worth remembering that Muslim countries like Kuwait do tend to have a more Western spin to them, ideologically speaking. It would be interesting if super-heroes became either a buffer or a lubricant in the Clash of Civilizations. Thanks Conrad…

      Tim Corrigan, a totally legendary name in the small press field got the third SPACE Lifetime Achievement Award this year (Ger and I got ours two years ago when Cerebus came to an end) and last year Matt "Cynicalman" Feazell got it. Always looking for somewhere else to do my "photorealism thang" I did a drawing of Matt that Ger scanned in and did a colour version of (the Comics Journal was nice enough to print a photo of us presenting the two versions to Matt in their Newswatch section), so this year we intended to do the same thing for Tim but Bob Corby was only able to find one really terrible photo of Tim on the Internet from 1975 or something. So instead, Ger snapped a photo of him when he came over to say hello and I did the drawing from that after we got home…and I just got in a VERY nice thank you letter from him, typed on an electric typewriter. What a day-brightener—someone who actually makes Dave Sim look modern by comparison. Tim writes:

      Dear Dave;

      I just wanted to thank you for the extraordinary gift you recently sent me. I was absolutely stunned when I opened the package! Clearly a lot of thought and work went into that piece and I am genuinely moved you would take the time to produce this fine piece of work for me. It is one of my proudest possessions and I shall have it framed.

      Sorry I didn't respond sooner. It's a hectic time of year for me. All the sign customers who procrastinated all summer decided they wanted their signs in September, and I painted my fingers off the whole month. It happens every year that way.

      I'm always amazed to find that the ol' SMALL PRESS COMICS EXPLOSION magazine was such a pivotal point for someone. For me, the pivotal point came some years earlier. I was 14 when I stumbled across a copy of All in Color For a Dime by Don Thompson. That was the book that galvanized my belief that comics were a direction worth following. So my magazine was where others needed it to be because Don's book was exactly where I needed it to be. Isn't it remarkable and a little magical the way life unfolds and how we brush each other's lives.

      So, thank you very much, Dave. You're a huge talent and a heck of a nice guy. I'll always treasure your gift.

      See you at SPACE next Spring.


      Tim Corrigan

      Say, this is probably a good spot to mention that

      The Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo


      WILL BE HELD APRIL 21 & 22 2007


      (it's worth going just to SEE the Aladdin Shrine Complex)



      Reserve your table now at www.backporchcomics.com

      tell Bob & Kathy & Megan that Dave Sim sent you

      (I get a substantial kick-back when you do)

      Quite a coincidence that I heard from Tim when I did, because I just saw George (Big George) Stasinos out in Salt Lake City and he mentioned how influential and helpful Tim's Small Press Comics Explosion was when he was starting out. I actually came in before Tim, since I remember Don & Maggie Thompson's mimeo zine (find a very, very old person to explain to you what "mimeo" was, young'uns), Newfangles having the same impact on me some time before All in Color for a Dime came out. Don & Maggie were like completely mystical beings because they knew what was going to be happening in comics, sometimes months ahead of time (I still remember the only "Extra" they put out when Jack Kirby left Marvel for DC). I felt as if I was cracking open the secrets of the universe whenever the new issue came in. Don and Maggie KNEW! Don & Maggie would TELL ME what was going to happen long before it did happen and then (GASP) it would actually happen just the way they said it would. Coincidentally, my personal phone directory is sitting here open with Don & Maggie's phone number from the mid-1980s. I was pretty impressed with myself, let me tell you. A mere fifteen years after I had been just another Newfangles subscriber, here I had Don & Maggie's home phone number.

      Tim also sent along the PREMIERE ISSUE of Tim Corrigan's Comics and Stories featuring Tim's legendary Mighty Guy character. It's a nifty little 11-page one shot he'll let you have for a sawbuck. As Allen Freeman (Fan-atic Press) wrote about him in the 2006 SPACE program booklet in a Believe It or Not parody: "Tim Corrigan of Houghton, NY was the publisher of Small Press Comics Explosion the first nationally distributed mag about small press comics. He created the ne'er-do-well hero Mighty Guy whose adventures he claims are `The Funniest Comics Known to Man!' He's drawn comics for 50 years and hasn't seen one dime of profit." Probably because he still publishes comics he sells for a buck. Or LESS. And what's even more amazing is that it's turned into a family operation. Last year Tim held down table #108 and his sons Matt Corrigan (South Star) and Nate Corrigan (Gumshoe Comics) split table #109 and between the three of them they had a whole raft of comics for sale. The family that publishes together…uhhh….the family that zines together…uhhh…I've been working on that gag since SPACE 2004 when I first saw the Corrigan & Sons set-up and I still haven't got one. Help me out, someone. The family that staples together….uhhh….

      Anyway, you can write to all three of them at POB 25, Houghton, NY, 14744 and send them money if you want a bunch of good funnybooks. However much you send them, they'll make it worth your while. Or maybe you'd like a hand-painted sign. Tim does those too—for a living.

      More on SPACE as we get closer to April 21 and 22 (that is, if I'm still doing this by then).

      Tomorrow: More catching up on the mail


      This may also be viewed at http://davesim.blogspot.com/


      If you wish to contact Dave Sim, you can mail a letter (he does NOT receive emails) to:

      Aardvark Vanaheim, Inc
      P.O. Box 1674
      Station C
      Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 4R2

      Looking for a place to purchase Cerebus phonebooks? You can do so online through Win-Mill Productions -- producers of Following Cerebus. Convenient payment with PayPal:


      Or, you can check out Mars Import:


      Or ask your local retailer to order them for you through Diamond Comics distributors.

    • Jeff Tundis
      ... +++++++++++++++ Haven t they done that historically, even if they have fallen victim to tyrants who use their divisions against them? By forcing a system
      Message 55 of 55 , Dec 3, 2006
        --- In cerebus@yahoogroups.com, Chris W <show_me68508@...> wrote:
        > > Stopping the bad guys because there is no system of
        > > law and justice that will stop them. If you come
        > > down
        > > to it, and they really want tribalism and theocracy
        > > instead of democracy, fine, but they won't be using
        > > suicide bombers to prove their point.
        > >
        > > ============ You use the weapons and methods at your
        > > disposal. They
        > > don't have the resources to mount a massive
        > > airstrike. So, yeah,
        > > suicide bombers is the way to go from their
        > > standpoint.
        > > And "tribalism and theocracy" hasn't been "fine"
        > > thus far, at least
        > > in the minds of those prosecuting the war.
        > >
        > "Fine" in the sense that if they really want it,
        > there's nothing that can stop them, but that means the
        > majority have to 'vote' for it, with their actions if
        > not their ballots.

        +++++++++++++++ Haven't they done that historically, even if they
        have fallen victim to tyrants who use their divisions against them?
        By forcing a system that requires voting, you take away the system of
        traditional theocracy. Sublimation to the will of God does not
        require a vote.

        > And no, suicide bombing isn't the way to go, because
        > if you're dead, you can't kill anybody more no matter
        > what. You just can't. If you die today and the
        > Americans are there tomorrow, what have you
        > accomplished?

        +++++++++++++++ You have inspired others to take up the cause. As a
        religious person, you are well aware of the power of martyrdom.

        > >
        > > We're stronger than you think. As an example, we
        > > can
        > > only be dislodged from Iraq if we give up.
        > >
        > >
        > > ============ Well, yeah. But we may be forced to
        > > give up. Retreat or
        > > be consumed. Well, I'll retreat, thanks. That's
        > > giving up, y'know.
        > >
        > If you take it as a given that winning is not an
        > option, what are the odds of winning?
        > Again, we are stronger than you think.

        +++++++++++++++ I don't doubt our strength, I doubt our intelligence.
        Brute force will not win the day when the enemy is overwhelming, and
        all resources are exhausted before the ideology is affected. And the
        ideology is the core of the conflict, moreso in the case of the Iraqi
        Civil War.

        > >
        > > > ------------ Our failures at diplomacy, incredibly
        > > > bad strategic
        > > > military decisions, and -- just as importantly --
        > > > the Iraqis'
        > > > inability and/or unwillingness to unify may have
        > > > forced the issue.
        > > >
        > >
        > > There is no diplomacy possible. Saddam wasn't going
        > > to give in, after a decade spent defying the UN on
        > > the
        > > terms of a war he'd lost.
        > >
        > > ========== The evidence seems to contradict how much
        > > he
        > > was "defying" the UN.
        > >
        > You mean over a dozen UN resolutions over ten years,
        > each demanding that Saddam comply with the previous
        > resolutions? Why would the security counsel vote that
        > he should comply with a previous resolution if he was
        > already complying? Especially during all those years
        > he had kicked the UN inspectors out and refused to let
        > them back in.

        +++++++++++++++ He was a ruler of a sovereign nation. A nation of
        bloodthirsty clans who only stayed in line because of his constant
        show of brutal force. How stupid would he have been to simply knuckle
        under to every demand of the "Great Satan?" Saddam was put in power
        by US power brokers, and played his cards the only way he could. No
        matter how "insane" or brutal he may have been, when it came down to
        being put in a position of actually being on the brink of invasion,
        he did comply. Turns out he was complying with the most damning of
        all problems, that of weapons production, all along. All the while
        being bombed for years and years all throughout the Clinton

        > > The Iraqis'
        > > inability/unwillingness to unify is the exact same
        > > problem we'd have anywhere else in the region.
        > >
        > > ========== Point?
        > >
        > Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia,
        > we'd have that problem everywhere. Yes, this is
        > arguing for a complete retreat from the region.

        +++++++++++++++ At least we have actual allies in some of those
        areas. Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia would all be a support -
        - even if for *just* economical reasons.

        > >
        > > > ------------ It's not a question of the best
        > > > solution, but the least
        > > > damaging one. And surely, if you believe that such
        > > > action will
        > > > result in some new Caliphate spreading across the
        > > > globe, the there
        > > > is need for debate. However, given that Muslims
        > > are
        > > > still divided
        > > > over the issues that brought them down 12 or 1300
        > > > years ago, I don't
        > > > see that as a likely scenario.
        > > >
        > >
        > > But they think it is, and they're willing, eager
        > > even,
        > > to kill and die for it. The anarchists and
        > > socialists
        > > at the turn of the 20th century didn't really have a
        > > chance of their goals, but they did cause problems,
        > > and would have caused more if they could.
        > >
        > > ============ So you fight against it. But you don't
        > > piss away your
        > > economy, and your national identity to achieve
        > > victory against a
        > > enemy that has no no chance of success.
        > >
        > We aren't, and we do have a chance of success.

        +++++++++++++++ Well, that's obviously where we disagree. You see a
        mountain being climbed, and I see a downward spiral. Is there a
        chance? There's always a chance. But this one is slim, and getting
        slimmer every day. We're fighting the wrong battle, and in the wrong

        +++++++++++++++ Hey, who knows, maybe you'll be my commanding officer
        next year and we can argue about it in person!

        +++++++++++++++ (While I clean latrines with my tongue.)

        -Jeff ;)
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