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176853Re: OK, help me out with Tangent(s)

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  • Eddie
    Jul 19, 2013
      It is #258. Actually his whole multi-page letter in there is worth reading, and deals with a lot of the things discussed here. Would make a nice inclusion if someone was to do a "Dave Sim Conversations: Sequel" (hint hint)

      --- In cerebus@yahoogroups.com, "Jonas" <kaoru_is_here@...> wrote:
      > It's been many years since I read "Tangent", but I'm currently working myself through the first "Collected Letters" volume. Which isn't exactly the same, but since he articulates his views (and not just on feminism) there as well, I think I can drop some thoughts on it.
      > The thing is that he perceives reality through a very own Dave Sim-filter that has a certain bias and parameters to work with. I always thought that it was a bit of a cliche to say „Everything that he doesn't like or disproves he puts a 'feminism' stamp on it.", but now that I'm almost through with this book I have to agree that it's exactly what he does. If he doesn't like a word, then some feminist made it up. If there's political view (of any kind) he doesn't share he brands it automatically as feministic. It's as if he's playing a bizarre version of the Kevin Bacon game. No matter what it is, he can trace it all back to feminism. Assume he doesn't like milk in his coffee, and he'll come up with some far-fetched story about the coffee industry trying to appeal to women, just because he used to know one woman (or two) who prefered to drink it that way. Say what you like, but it's not that far off from people who see the number 23 everwhere, no matter where they look. And that's not the only thing he's got in common with them: He just can't stop talking about that topic. Because he's obsessed. Somewhere in this book was a letter in which he complains about being bullied by everyone to talk about it and explain himself when he would just prefer to spend his mind on over things. However it's actually him just won't shut up on it. Just notice how quickly to jumps back to feminism when other things are discussed. He just can't let it slide, even for once, because he's completely consumed by it.
      > So... well... maybe he doesn't see himself as a misogynist or whatever the word of the day is. But that's pretty much only because he has built his very own reality with very own rules and definitions. If he doesn't seem himself as a misogynist then it's only because his definition of one is completely different to everyone else's, including the Oxford dictionary. But since he never really stated what to him this label means (Well, at least *I* never saw him stating it or it always just passed me by.), it's a bit difficult to see him behind all these rants as something else, or even singing that petition of his. If you're always busy to say why you're not a feminist, why not state even once why you're not a misogynist? Especially when you think that everyone is wrongly accusing you as one?
      > Well, that are more or less my thoughts on that topic...
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