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176844Re: [cerebus] cerebus went to hell

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  • Margaret
    Jul 3, 2013
      There is also some other discussion from Dave, that is collected for issue 300 at the CerebusWiki:

      March 2004 Q&A Session

      Jeff Tundis: I think it's safe to say Cerebus is in hell.

      DAVE: Actually, that's an interesting speculation. What I tried to do (and this goes way, way back to when I first started thinking, right, now how do I end this thing. And what I came up with was, basically, what we know about the death experience from the near- death experience accounts that we have been given. Given: our life will flash before our eyes, we will all feel ourselves rise up out of our bodies, we will find ourselves drawn towards a bright light like a tunnel. And, at the end of the tunnel will be everyone we knew who died before we did. Well, the more I thought about that...particularly after coming to belief in God...the more I thought, "I'm really going to have to take a look at who's there." I mean, virtually everyone I know and did know is or was an atheist. So, unless they've set the bar so low that everyone gets in, there's a good chance that it is hell at the end of the tunnel of light. I'm going to be looking for my cousin Chris who is a minister. If Chris ain't there, I might just sit down and wait it out til Judgment Day.

      17: A new question popped up about whether Cerebus is in heaven or hell (we've been discussing this for a while; most say hell, while others say you don't believe in hell per se, but he sure ain't in heaven, that it's not a punishment but just the natural consequence of his bad choices that he's going to end up crushed by the sun). I don't know anybody who thinks he's in heaven.

      DAVE: I wouldn't be surprised if Cerebus is in heaven. He could just be freaking out for no reason. In a lot of ways I wish I had never gotten suspicious of "going into the light". Why can't I accept anything at face value? When Chester Brown phoned to congratulate me, he said there was another writer who had questioned the same thing: his viewpoint was that if you go into the light you just get reincarnated again. His suggestion was that you can break the cycle by not going into the light. I think Chet said he was a Buddhist.

      On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 2:00 PM, Dominick Grace <dgrace2@...> wrote:

      I'm pretty sure Dave refused to confirm either way whether Cerebus went to Hell or Heaven, or somewhere else, but Hell seemed most likely to me. Here's a relevant exchange from the Last Day Q&A, which leans towards Hell but says nothing definitive:

      Q5. Upon realizing that Rick is not among those Cerebus believes to be waiting for him in Heaven, Ham, Jaka and Bear's hands transform into strange two to three fingered appendages. What is the significance of this? (i300/TLD pp236-237)


      DAVE:  Ham, Jaka and Bear were atheists.  What I’m suggesting is that atheists are basically host beings which are wide open to being made use of by malignant spirits whose only job is to lure the God-fearing to destruction.  It’s a cautionary note struck for the half dozen (that may be optimistic) or so readers I have who believe in God—and for the first generation of Cerebus fans (as opposed to readers) fifty or a hundred years after I’m dead for whom the Next World will be something more than a concept for a Twilight Zone episode.  When you die and you go towards the light, look who is there and remember what they were like when they were alive.  I don’t think anyone will heed my advice but that doesn’t stop me from giving it.  As I told someone in Columbus, my own reaction to seeing dead relatives and “friends” will be to go down on my knees and close my eyes and begin reciting my prayer.  I plan to continue reciting my prayer from that point until Judgement Day.  The Koran assures us that when we awake on Judgement Day we’ll believe that we have been dead “for a day or part of a day.”  Muhammad in his later years used to spend the better part of the night reciting Suras instead of sleeping so I’m going to try to bear that in mind and deal with the Afterlife as one long night that needs to be prayed through until Judgement Day dawns. 

      On 07/03/13, alex <alexcrow9111@...> wrote:
      i cant find a discussion here about cerebus going to hell. im curious about daves explanation i thought i read a couple years ago where i remember him saying cerebus made one little mistake cerebus wasnt aware of and thus ended up going to hell.
      can anybody help me? (very specifically, since i dont want to go back and have to read all the crazy dave religious ranting stuff)


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