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  • Debra Marasco-McNulty
    ... From: EasyStand Subject: EasyStand [Standing Room Only] Newsletter To: debraphp@yahoo.com Date: Wednesday, February 29,
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      Date: Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 8:00 AM

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      Shawn Shares

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      Disability Education

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      Dear Debra,

      This February Standing Room Only Newsletter includes information about the "set in their ways PCA", recent blog posts and podcast from Tiff, unique ways disability education can be taught by children, the new CEU accredited 2012 educational seminars, and article writing opportunities for physical therapists.  
      Don't forget to visit our EasyStand Blog to check out recent posts. Our blog is continually growing and our posts are numerous and educational! 
       EasyStand Blog Adult Posts:
      Dealing With the "Set in Their Ways PCA"Two Women on Wheels Who Inspire Me   

      When Even Life's Little Things Are HardHappy Valentine's Day  

      EasyStand Invitation to Governor DaytonSmall and Sassy Blogger - Jane Hash

      Learning About People With Disabilities Through Children
      "Standing Justified" Educational Seminar
      More From The EasyStand Blog:

      My Four-Letter Word
      Lifting Spirits - Article on Mobile and Dynamic Standers

      Clinicians - Join us at these upcoming tradeshows:

      Booth #58 & 59
      March 7th-8th
      Vancouver, BC Canada

      Abilities Expo CA
      Booth # 127
      March 30th-April 1st
      Los Angeles, CA

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      Shawn Shares

      Dealing With the Set in Their Ways PCA

      Many people like myself who have a disability require the assistance of personal care assistants (PCAs) to help with our personal cares throughout the day. When you step under the PCA umbrella it reveals a few different layers. One noteworthy aspect is that there are very unique types of PCAs, good and bad, that all of us "in the biz" have had to work with. On that subject I thought I'd shed some light on one of the specific types of PCA that I find challenging to work with: the set in their ways PCA. Unlike flaky PCAs, PCAs that routinely show up late, PCAs that aren't skilled enough, that lack common sense, that don't listen well, and do other related things that justifiably lead to me replacing them after a short period of time, many set in their ways PCAs can be good to great and are therefore worth it to hang onto but they often put their own twist on your personal care routine. And in some cases that can become an ongoing frustration. It's been my
      experience that they tend to appear in three forms.    

      Read Post  

      Tiff's Corner

      Newly Injured SCI, Accessibility Documentary & Disability Podcast

      Two Women on Wheels Who Inspire Me 
      There is no shortage of amazing women in wheelchairs in this world. These strong women have the power to motivate us and meeting one even helped lift my depression in the initial phase of my injury. Here are two such inspirational women.
      When Even Life's Little Things Are Hard 
      What constitutes as easy? What constitutes as hard? It depends on who you ask, a body-builder and a quadriplegic are going to give you vastly different answers. When you're born able-bodied and become disabled later in life, adjusting to your reduced skill-level can be overwhelmingly difficult.
      Podcast: Small and Sassy Blogger - Jane Hash 
      In episode 82 of No Free Rides, Tiff is joined by Jane Hash, a fun-loving woman with Osteogenesis Imperfecta who hosts her own podcast and is making a documentary about her fascinating life.

      More From Tiff 

      Disability Education

      Learning About People With Disabilities Through Today's Children

      No matter what is going on in the world or even in my own life, I can always count on the beautiful innocence of a child when I am presenting at an elementary school. They have no filtration system. Whatever thought, idea, or even more powerful, a question, they are going to let it fly. You see, our children on many different levels are fearless and the only thing they are interested in doing is learning more about this wonderful world we live in. They know no boundaries, even when it comes to scouring the earth to find answers if it means people with disabilities. So with that being said, drum roll please, as I unveil the Top 10 Most Fascinating Questions I Have Ever Been Asked by a Child!    
      Read Top Ten Questions  

       Clinician Resource

      New "Standing Justified" Educational Seminars  

      We recently kicked off our new 2012 educational seminar "Standing Justified" in Dallas, Texas.  We were excited to have over 50 clinicians and rehab technology suppliers in attendance! "Standing Justified" is a CEU accredited program on standing and weight bearing that explores the health complications and cost resulting from immobility. Does this interest you? We would be happy to have you as an attendee at one of our next seminars! Attendees of "Standing Justified" will be presented research that indicates a consistent standing program can mitigate these health risks. Visit our website for complete seminar information.

      More Information  

       Standing Articles

      Looking for Writers   

      We are looking for physical therapists interested in writing an article in 2012. The article would be published in Advance for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine. This is a wonderful opportunity for you, as a physical therapist, to get published in an industry specific magazine. Articles are to be written on standing and contain between 1200 - 1500 words; I have more specific writer's guidelines to send those who are interested. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Please email Bryanne Freitag if you are interested, we look forward to hearing from you!

      Email Bryanne  

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