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We are accepting kids age 3-6 with CP for our LIFE Program starting April 4th

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  • EnabledKids
    Hello everyone, I m just sending an email on behalf of Enabled Kids and Health in Motion Rehabilitation
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2011
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      Hello everyone,

      I'm just sending an email on behalf of Enabled Kids
      <http://www.enabledkids.ca> and Health in Motion Rehabilitation
      <http://healthinmotionrehab.com> to the members of the group. We've
      been receiving questions about our program from members, so we thought
      that we could send out an email with more information to those who may
      be interested.

      Currently our clinic is offering a program for kids with CP ages 3-6
      called the LIFE (Learning Independent Function Everyday) Education and
      Rehabilitation Program
      <http://www.healthinmotionrehab.com/life-program.php> . The deadline to
      apply is March 4th, since the program runs from April 4th to 29th,
      2011. However, feel free to contact us if it is past the deadline. It
      is also suitable for children with neurological disorders such as
      pediatric stroke, ABI and similar conditions, although each child's
      program is specifically tailored to his or her needs. Treatment may
      consist of a combination of therapies such as conductive education,
      speech language and communication therapy,
      ehab.php> functional education / neuro developmental therapy,
      b.php> and pediatric massage therapy.
      Please note: We plan the program on an individual basis and tailor it
      to your child's specific needs. As a result, we require a complete
      description of your child, his/her abilities and current stage of
      development so that we may evaluate his or her condition before being
      admitted to the program. You can visit our website for more details


      We also offer ongoing treatment services for adults with cerebral
      palsy, and the duration of our adult program varies according to our
      patient's needs. For more information, you can email
      healthinmotion@... <mailto:healthinmotion@...> or call
      our clinic at (416) 250-1904.
      If you have any questions about our blog or our programs we'd be happy
      to answer them. Thank you!

      -Winnie Chang

      Health in Motion Rehabilitation <http://healthinmotionrehab.com/> 4256
      Bathurst Street, Suite 204 Toronto, ON M3H 5Y8 (416) 250-1904

      Read our blog! www.enabledkids.ca <http://www.enabledkids.ca/>
      Like us on Facebook!
      Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/EnabledKids

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