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  • riveradawn
    ... that has ... for 28 ... really enough ... should ... daughters ... It will ... My ... all? I was ... takes ... also only ... know when ... friends and is
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 15, 2002
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      --- In cerebralpalsyclub@y..., tbrock0811@a... wrote:
      > Hi Dawn,
      > I really appreciate your e-mail. I have never spoken to someone so
      that has
      > a child so similar to mine. It is amazing. She was not breathing
      for 28
      > minutes and was also not early. (5 days early but that is not
      really enough
      > to do harm). She weighed 8 pounds. Later on, we found out that I
      > have had a c-section. She walks now, but by the time she is your
      > age, I think she will need a walker too because she falls a lot.
      It will
      > probably hurt worse when she is bigger so she will need a walker.
      > daughter also drools a lot. Is you daughter mentally retarded at
      all? I was
      > just wondering if she is mainstreamed at school. My daughter also
      > medicine for her seizures, but hers is not working so well. She
      also only
      > has seizures when she is sleeping, which makes it good because we
      know when
      > to expect it.
      > It was so encouraging to hear that your daughter has so many
      friends and is
      > invited to birthday parties. Thanks a lot for your e-mail. It
      made me feel
      > so much better!
      > Thanks,
      > Denise
      Hi Denise

      No my daughter is not mentally retarded she has delays. Example:
      reading she is about a 1st grade level reader. My daughter is in
      mainstreamed at school.Alyssa did not walk on her own until she was
      about almost 3 and did not crawl just rolled.

      Is your daughter wearing braces now my daughter was 3 when she got
      her first braces they were ankle size no bigger now they are mid calf
      and hinged to stop her from locking her knees back when she walks.

      What kind of school is your daughter going into? My daughter
      started school when she was 3 and it was a reagular school but she
      was in this program call EIP Early Intervention Program but befor she
      went to school she had PT, OT, and Speech at home Birth to Three.
      Does your daughter get any of that kind of help? I hope she does.

      I am glad that I made you feel better it makes me feel better that
      there is someone out there that I can relate to.

      Feel Free Anytime you can email me at riveradawn@...

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