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rehabilitaion of CP-kids

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  • spider_norman
    My name is Wojtek Kosinski. I come from Poland. I m a physiotherapist, working with CP-kids, in Norman Rehabilitation Center (www.normanspider.com). Our
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2005
      My name is Wojtek Kosinski. I come from Poland. I'm a
      physiotherapist, working with CP-kids, in "Norman Rehabilitation
      Center" (www.normanspider.com). Our Centrum is focused on
      rehabilitation CP-kids. Our treatment is based on NDT-Bobath for Kids
      and on our invention called Spider. Spider is an equipment thanks to
      we are able to keep a kid in every standing position like all fours
      standing, knee-standing to normal standing. Our treatment based on
      those methods brings very good effects.
      Our team is highly specialized in NDT and PNF methods, and
      also well English speakers. We are arranging a rehabilitation camps in
      which CP kids are being trained around 3,5h a day six days in week,
      through 4-5 weeks. We are said to be good in what we do.
      We are wonder if You May have heard about us?
      For any further information please send any doubts or
      questions on the following email address: spider_norman@...
      If You are not interested in it perhaps You now someone who
      may be. Please send our conntact to them..if ots not a problem...
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