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  • roberthartsoe
    We are seriously looking at suit therapy for Miracle Mountain. In order to make plans and meet the needs of clients we need anyone s input who is willing to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2005
      We are seriously looking at suit therapy for Miracle Mountain. In
      order to make plans and meet the needs of clients we need anyone's
      input who is willing to help. First of all, I want to be clear that
      we are not trying to compete with anyone so I will not get involved in
      any jealous tyrades or marketing practices which I have seen so far.
      I really don't care who has been where and done what, etc. All I
      care about is offering a program that will be best for the child.

      Let me state that I appreciate all the input I have recieved so far.
      I have talked to parents as well as therapists and I have arrived at
      the conclusion that both Sunshine Therapy and the Therasuit seem to be
      providing excellent services. So it is no longer a question of which
      is best but which will work best with our program. In addition, we
      are using a wonderful PT who has been to Poland and visited several
      centers here in the USA on the suit therapy and is highly impressed
      with her findings. She does professional assessments for the state
      agencies as well as works with hippotherapy and other programs. She
      is an excellent consultant for us to make these decisions and she may
      even join our program.

      Questions we hope to determine from your experiences:

      Doing HBOT and suit therapy together seems to be the way to achieve
      the most for the child. Will 2 hbot sessions with a 3 hour therapy
      between sessions be too intensive for the child?

      I keep thinking of setting up a wonderful "package deal" which will
      include coming to Miracle Mountain complete with housing, hbot in the
      morning, followed by suit therapy for 3 hours, and then in the
      afternoon another hbot session. In addition, the client would recieve
      a suit and the parent would receive a training on the proper use.
      When the client leaves 3 weeks later they will take a suit with them
      to use on a regular basis at home. In other words, let the therapy
      continue after you leave on a regular basis. Do it for the benefit of
      the child. Not the benefit of the center. In addition, the child
      would receive our Sound Harmonics program which really improves
      balance and comprehension. We do not want to do too much which would
      cause stress for the client but is it too much. Many do not think so
      and we are aiming in that direction.

      Would you mind giving me more input at my personal email

      Robert Hartsoe
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