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    Debbie: If I remember right, when I was in school, there was a discussion about transportation ONLY when I turned 12 and was getting transported to the Barre
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2004
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      If I remember right, when I was in school, there was a discussion about
      transportation ONLY when I turned 12 and was getting transported to the
      Barre Town School, which is up the hill from my house. I used to live on
      the North End of the city, and I would have to be bussed to the school.
      When In 5th Grade there, the bus companies that transported me were out of
      business. (The Barre City Schools did not have the support services I

      This meant that a friend of mine would be doing it. He was paid to do it
      daily, and because of my CP, it was required. He took me to school in his
      personal vehicle, and brought me home at night. When I had to stay after
      school, I DID NOT need a weeks notice prior to doing it - although the
      driver would ask me to let him know when I needed to stay. If this was the
      case, I would simply tell him when I was in the car. Because of my
      disability, it was hard for me to board the BIG YELLOW busses (Type 1's) and
      I had no options for van transportation (Van busses are called Type 2
      busses) starting in 5th grade. So, I had my friend and my mom doing it.

      IF an IEP says that you need special services transportation, the school
      should NOT require 2 weeks notice before your son has to stay after school.
      This does not make any sense, and is impractical because if your son needs
      special help on some of his work, he needs to get that help. Staying after
      school is not bad, and I know that because I used to stay 2 days out of the
      week in Jr. High to get assistance with math and some science labs.

      Of course, the good news is: I *was* able to LEARN to board those big
      yellow badboys by the time I left Barre Town School, becxause as part of my
      program, I was shown the right way to do it, and now it is easy to do this.
      The newest Yellows have Wheelchair tiedowns for 2-3 chairs, but that doesn't
      seem to stop the other non-disabled students from boarding the bus. I
      actually boarded these new busses and they are better then the type 2's I
      used to ride.

      Of course, it may be an issue if you live on a hill and they want to send a
      Yellow Bus to that location - but whatever they do, it is THE LAW that they
      provide trasportation for schoolchildren - disabled or not :)

      Non-Disabled children have to follow the rules set forth with regards to
      staying after school, and the rules should not be any different for your
      son. If they have to roll a special bus so your son can participate, then
      they should plan for that contingincy. 2 weeks notice may be needed for
      them to PLAN, but come on - thats a little rediculous to me, since
      Non-Disabled children don't have to do that.

      Take Care,

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      "Subject: School buses

      Hi i am looking for anyone who may be able to give me some
      information .... They have proposed a wheelchair for him
      but we refused that is not a solution. Does anyone have experience or
      know someone i can call to help with this. I live in South NJ.
      Thanks for listening sorry its so long.
      Tracy Mom to Sean and Sierra "

      It is the law that they provide transportation especially if it is
      written in his IEP. We are currently fighting with school transportation
      concerning after school activity buses. Transportation wants at least a
      week's notice prior to staying after. I say, no regular ed student has
      to give any notice and I don't feel the wheelchair dependent students
      shoould have to. They should have the same rights as everyone else. We
      went to the Endependence Center a self-advocacy organization in our area
      for assistance. Try talking to the head of transportation, first, then
      if not to your liking go the a program in your area for help. There
      should be one. (Also having problems with transportation issues when
      they plan junior and senior trips as they cannot rent a bus to go out of
      town that is accessible--wrong)

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