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5781It's Even Better Than Name Your Own Prices!

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  • Marilyn Arquette
    May 1, 2010
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      I will never forget the date it was March 2006 when a lady posted a great review
      of the sampler that she joined at http://nofullprices.net Almost immediately
      other group members attacked her everyway you could imagine. Calling her a
      spammer and the program a scam. Well my parents always taught me to do my own
      research and that is what I did. I contacted the BBB and found that the company
      was in business since 1977 and they have a clean record. So that is when I
      joined and I can't tell you how happy I am that I did. Just as that woman had
      posted the savings have been and are nothing short of amazing. Whether we go
      out to eat, buy groceries or name brand merchandise we are literally paying
      pennies on the dollar. I still laugh today thinking back how that lady tried
      to offer a great tip and how those nasty people made fun of her. I guess with
      the savings we experience the last laugh is ours.

      Marilyn Arquette, DDS

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