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  • mpowals@aol.com
    Aug 9, 2006
      Hi. My son Zack was 6 1/2 when he died last year. When I went to get him out
      of befd on New Year's Day he wasn't breathing and was stiff. I called 911 and
      they rushe dhim to the hospital. They got his heart started again but he died
      again about 20 minutes later and they were not able to bring him back again.
      It broke my heart. I'm doing better now after a year and a half. I think he
      died during a seizure because he often had severe seizures upon waking that made
      his breathing very difficult. He was pressed into a corner of the bed and I
      tink the movement of the seizure pushed him into a corner of the bed and he was
      unable to get air and being that he was quadraplegic, he could not move
      himself to get air. It was really hard on my two surviving sons. Is this similar to
      what happened to your son in January? Most people don't understand about our
      kids because it is so far out of their realm of experience. Four children out
      of seven have died from his preschool class and one boy from his first grade
      class has also died. I'd love to hear more about your son and any problems you
      are having.

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