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  • piggyspoon
    May 7, 2002
      -Hi Jill,
      I can totally relate. I also had my 10 yr old daughter at the young
      age of 17 so I really was clueless about cp. I went out and read
      every book I could find on cp and I have learned day by day. My
      daughter Ariel does not speak also but I know she understands alot.
      She cannot walk so she has a wheelchair. I hoping someday she might
      be able to use a walker like your daughter Avory. I dont always get
      a chance to check the boards as much as I would like but I would
      very much like to get to know you also.
      -- In cerebralpalsyclub@y..., "jillnsteves" <JillnSteveS@a...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone. My name is Jill and I am the proud mother of two
      > beautiful girls Avory and Maeson.My oldest(Avory)who just turned 8
      > Aril 1st,was diagnosed with CP at the age of 1 and recently has
      > diagnosed with Autism to go along with it. I had Avory 3 months
      > at the age of 17. I was young so was not clued in to CP and that
      > could possibly have it. So when I took her to a neurologist a
      > over a year later I was not prepared for the diagnosis he gave me.
      > guess the doctors and nurses just assumed I would know that CP was
      > possible from such an early birth. Anyway, Avory is doing very
      > now she's in 2nd grade. She walks in a walker for short distances
      > other than that she uses a wheelchair to get around in public. She
      > can't talk but she understands everything. She's a huge Alan
      > fan. My husband and I just took her to see him in March. She went
      > nuts over that. Well, I wanted to tell everyone a little bit about
      > situation and look forward to getting to know all of you and your
      > children.
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